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USB Storage Enabler Tool: lets you use your WP7 as an USB Drive

Remember the Windows Mobile days? Whenever you plugged your WM into a PC, a pop-up menu would appear on screen with three options namely, ActiveSync, Disk Drive, Internet Sharing. Wasn’t it “Disk Drive”, you always clicked? Of course it’s a handy feature and almost all phones support it directly, even the feature phones. But, you just can’t use your WP7 directly as a USB Stick.

Fortunately, there are some registry hacks which can enable your WP7 to be used as an USB Drive but everyone doesn’t have experience with registry. To make the process easier, XDA member MarcHoover has made an app named ‘USB Storage Enabler Tool’ which uses those registry hacks to enable or disable USB Storage mode.

Here is how it works, you will need Zune installed on your PC and a WP7 device connected at least one time. And to enter into  USB Storage mode, just close Zune.

By the way, this app works just fine even with a locked phone. For downloading, hit the source link or click here.

Source: XDA