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USBFever’s Weekly New Launches

Every week USBFever sends me the list of their new products they’ve added to their site. I’ve reviewed their stuff here before, and I don’t know why I don’t post their new products as most of their stuff is mobile related. They’ve got tons of mobile things on their site, and shipping on anything is $2.99 flat rate. Anyway I opened up the email today and was checking out the list of new products and one caught my eye, a hamburger case for the iPhone 4, I had to click through and see just what it was and it makes your iPhone 4 look like a bun and it even has a smiley face on it.

So after seeing that I was curious and clicked through again to their other iPhone 4 cases and they’ve got a ton of them, looks like about 100 or so different kinds ranging from goofy to normal as it were.

Three of the other interesting ones I saw are the cassette tape, gamepad and camera and there’s plenty more there as well.

There’s even one that is selling for $143 !!!! It’s a case, but this case is made with Swarovski Elements and has crystals on it. Still I know I wouldn’t pay that much for a case for my phone unless it was one guaranteed to protect it form like everything from drops to nuclear war.. oh well..

Anyway, if you’re looking for a case for your iPhone or any other accessory stop over at USBFever as they’ve got you covered. They carry stuff for most every phone and gadget out there, especially iDevices.

This isn’t an ad for them or anything like that, I or we aren’t getting paid to post this, I just never realized they had so much stuff before like those cases and I thought I’d share it with you so maybe you can find something different or something you’ve never seen before.

I almost forgot, here’s the list of new stuff they’ve added to their site this week:

Anti-Dust Dock & Earphone Plug Stopper Set for iPhone / iPod / iPad
Custom-made Car Seat Headrest Mount for iPhone 4
Universal Car Seat SWIVEL Headrest Mount for Tablet
Custom-made SWIVEL Car Seat Headrest Mount for iPad
Soft Bread / Hamburger Case for iPhone 4
Magnetic / Detachable Telephoto (4X) Lens for iPhone / iPad / HTC / Kodak
USB to Dual Microphone Socket (USB Karaoke Kit) Cable
USB Microphone Cable (6.3mm Jack)
USB Host OTG Adapter Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab

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