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Vine Available For Windows Phone Today

vineforwp Not familiar with Vine? It is the short run video platform that has taken the social media world by storm and forced creative types to get creative. The official app was announced as far back as BUILD 2013 but Nokia announced that the release was near during the Nokia World 2013 keynote last month.

Today, Vine took to it’s blog to welcome Windows Phone users to the service. Users are already lining up to download the app so look for it to shoot to the top of the Windows Phone Store shortly after release.

In the absence of an official Vine app Rudy Huyn created the platform’s most complete third-party app that also includes some nice features. The app is called 6sec and if you’d like to download it you can do so here: 6Sec

It is always nice to get a good surprise. Makes the day feel that much better. Join me in welcoming the official Vine app to the Windows Phone community.

Download Vine: Vine

Source: Official Vine Blog