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Visual Voicemail and VoIP For WP7 Confirmed Via Homebrew Registry Viewer

imageNicolas (@twiniico) provided a Windows Phone registry viewer with source code and it’s released with a XAP (this is based on some other homebrew code floating around which we’ll talk about shortly). That means I can sideload and play with it. So you know, this is read only access so you cannot change the registry settings. Also, you cannot view all content as access is denied to several areas. Anyway, while digging through the Microsoft Software registry entries I noticed an entry for Visual Voicemail is there. It points to a file and shortcut within the phone as well. My take – it’s here and they haven’t activated it yet so expect it to go live with one of the pending updates. And so you have an idea as to what the registry looks like in Windows Phone 7, it’s maybe 1/10 of the size of WM6.5’s registry. It’s nowhere near as complex or large and only contains HKLM and HCKU. HCKU has only System and State but access is denied to many of these items. HKLM has only system and software. Within HKLM-System-State there is an entry for ActiveSync – so much for it being dead I guess. Within Hardware there’s an entry for ‘clamshell closed’ so that indicates there’s room for another chasis of phone in a clamshell factor. There’s also a directory for ‘VoIP’ so let’s hope that’s on the way. That’s within a ‘state’ sub though so there’s likely more out there related to this within the file systems.

If you want to download the XAP/source code to the registry viewer it is here. Click on the words ‘telecharger ce fichier’ to start the download.

Expect a file explorer (read access, not write) shortly. Very exciting times. Credit to Dave Amenta (the dev behind Send to WP7 f/k/a Chrome to WP7) for starting me on this venture and his assistance.