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Vote Now To Expand XDA

I live on XDA but one item that I’ve always thought needed to be changed was the fact that it was limited to HTC devices. Yes, I know the whole history but times have changed and HTC is no longer the leader in WM
devices. In fact, at this point it’s becoming clear that HTC has nothing planned for WM for several months while LG, Acer and Samsung are all moving full speed ahead. So it only makes sense that XDA should begin to
support more models so that it can be a one stop shop for all WM development.  And it appears that this is something that XDA is open to. Here’s a posting from svetius, a new moderator


 "The only way to know these things for sure is to try it out. So, within the next 14 days we are going to add two or three non-HTC forums. The delay is to ensure the site continues to operate at a reasonable speed and so we can figure out where to put the new forums (the forum homepage is already absurdly long and cluttered). We are open to suggestions as to deserving devices for our first non-HTC forums, so give us your ideas in this thread.:]

You may have an HTC device today but where will you be in 6 months from now? If the LG Expo (with its pico projector and 1ghz Snapdragon) had full XDA support it may have generated a lot more noise. So go ahead and vote. I’m thinking LG Expo, Omnia II and the Toshiba TG01 but I’m more than flexible:)