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Wakacube – Possibly The Best 3D Physics Implementation On WP7

I just tried out Wakacube for Windows Phone and damn! I mean damn! It’s a 3D physics game with a really simple objective – you need to throw a ball to get the block with the smiley face entirely into the yellow mark on the ground. But of course the distances vary, placements change, you have some heavier balls (that both hit harder but don’t fly as far) and the objectives continue to challenge you. So you need to think about the best place to hit the blocks and the best use of your artillery. But the 3D graphics that tie into the physics are really something.

Everything is seamless. When you knock over the crates the camera angles shift and rotate smoothly. And if you miss your mark the boxes rebuild themselves. You know what? Let’s do it this way. It’s free and I’m telling you it’s not just a great concept to play but the physics combined with the 3D graphics make it a must try if you like games.

To reiterate- Wakacube from Vectorlight Games – go get it.