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We Like Nokia Fine But This Guy Takes It To Another Level

I will have to admit that I keep some devices where the resale value is not worth me selling them. I would not say I am a hoarder but I like to keep a few devices handy. I even have some of the old Nokia devices because at the time there was no Ebay or Craigslist handy to sell them when it came time to upgrade my device. Jim O’Brien in Europe however takes things to a whole new level and is one of Nokia’s biggest if not the biggest fan!

Jim owns around 115 Nokia branded devices and appears to have every intention of adding more to his huge collection. From early analog devices all the way through his current device the 12, he has just about everything imaginable in between! Nokia gives Jim some love on their blog and even states that Jim is one of their biggest community supporters. Jim recently started his own blog about his Nokia passion that you can check out here:


Way to go Jim!