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What’s In A Name Nokia? Windows Phone Needs A Champion

WP7_NokiaMetroI’ve been contemplating how to write an article championing a name that is both cool and aspirational for Windows Phone.  Apple has the iPhone, Android has the EVO and Droid names (even if Droid is a misused description of all Androids), even WebOS has the Pre.  Windows Phone needs a name to champion its cause and I believe I have the answer.  As circumstance would have it Nokia is looking for a name to denote their Windows Phone line.  On the MyNokiaBlog they are conducted a poll to gauge popular opinion and they actually have some decent names on the list.

Out of the names on the list I am partial to both Elite and Fusion.  But my vote was not for either of those as I crafted a write-in suggestion.  The name? Metro.  Windows Phone needs a name that transcends a line of phones.  It deserves something that is cool without trying to be.  Think of someone coming up to you asking “is that the new Metro?” The one celebs would pay a handsome amount just to get early. Its something the coolest man on the planet would rock as his main phone.

So what say you faithful readers.  Is Metro cool enough? Is another name on the list more desirable for you?  Don’t be shy in the end it will be the people who had the guts to speak up that will be heard.