While this post is not directly related to security…I felt it was worth sharing with others.
Who is th3j35t3r?  That’s the million dollar question now isn’t it?
For those not familiar th3j35t3r is a cyber-activist known for attacking known terrorist websites as well as Westboro Baptist Church and factions of Anonymous.
There have been many attempts to identify the true identity of th3j35t3r…but according to him none have been correct.
The endless attempts to find th3j35t3r’s true identity has become a humorous game for him…to the point that he has set his Twitter background picture to supposedly contain an encrypted version of his full identity.


Another theory which has been circulating is that th3j35t3r is not just one person but actually a group of several people associated with Tom Ryan…the security researcher responsible for the Robin Sage experiment.
Let’s look at just a few of the actions th3j35t3r has taken…

  • He has taken down multiple terrorist organization communication forums.
  • He has taken down Westboro Baptist Church in response to their picketing soldiers’ funerals.
  • He correctly identified a key Anonymous hacker “Sabu” as Hector Monsegur possibly leading to his arrest.

More importantly…

  • He has raised online security awareness for many people
  • He has exposed possible links between terrorist organizations and Anonymous
  • He has raised awareness of the “Wounded Warrior Project“…an organization devoted to helping wounded service members.

Th3j35t3r’s actions have angered the terrorist organizations…the Westboro Baptist Church…and the entire Anonymous collective…and yet they are unable to intimidate or stop him.  Th3j35t3r works completely alone…and because of that he does not need to worry about someone betraying his identity.
So who is th3j35t3r? The fact of the matter is…the real name of th3j35t3r doesn’t truly matter.  Th3j35t3r is an idea…a light in the darkness…a beacon of hope.  He is proof that one person can make a difference despite all opposition. In today’s word…with so much resistance against individuality a pressure to “conform to society”…he is a symbol that you need not align yourself with others in order to effect change.
Even if you disagree with th3j35t3r’s message and actions…you should not overlook the underlying symbolism of what he stands for – that one person can make a difference.
Never give up on what you believe in – be the light in the darkness.  Be the beacon of hope.  Do not be intimidated by the words or actions of others…and given enough patience you will succeed.


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  1. The fact that his acclaim is being built while he targets and executes his agenda is proof enough that instead of randomly lashing out or attacking any and all it is better to think things through and use your target’s network to deliver your message far better than you can yourself. It is the essence of not putting too much faith in your friends and learning how to use your enemy.

  2. viewpv: Yes, this guy is both pretty good with computers and pretty damn good with general tact exactly as you describe. That, plus his persistence, equals a large and fascinated following.
    To offer some more insight, I wrote two articles about this man <a href=”http://mobilitydigest.com/jester-a-powerful-prolific-and-patriotic-hacker-with-balls/” title=”Jester: A Powerful, Prolific and Patriotic Hacker with Balls”>here</a> and <a href=”http://mobilitydigest.com/god-hates-dos-attacks/” title=”God Hates DoS Attacks?”>here</a>, a good read if you’re intrigued. He joined the discussion a bit, did my best to confirm it was him on IRC, seemed legit.
    More importantly, why are we using a chat thing that makes me have to sign out of my primary Google account and sign in with another just to add a blurb (and then sign back into my other google account and have to dig for the email I was working on, forcing me to either attach a google account to a comment or making me register with some other thing? Is that to somehow stimulate engagement? Another SEO thing? Needed to hit users, some of which are using under-powered phones, with another eight downloads and scripts to process (CSS, JS, PNGs, I guess 120 hits per pageview isn’t enough), some of which are from remote servers (requiring additional DNS lookups), and for what purpose? Social checkboxes? We only want comments if they’re not anonymous?

    • Nice, can’t post an html link anymore, that’s good. But maybe someone will Like me anyway.
      Thanks for cleaning some of the widgets like I asked, though I’m still confused why I am looking at two strips of related article thumbnails and two sets of big social buttons.

  3. He has taken down multiple terrorist organization communication forums.<<  Correct, until 2012.     He has taken down Westboro Baptist Church in response to their picketing soldiers’ funerals.  <<<Incorrect.  He only claimed so while anonymous was ddosing them.     He correctly identified a key Anonymous hacker “Sabu” as Hector Monsegur possibly leading to his arrest. <<<  Absolutely incorrect.  Jester ID’d Sabu as Hugo Carvalho.  He only found “Hector Monsegur” a month after Sabu was arrested, and four months after Sabu was correctly ID’d by others.

    • @chappies1965 While Anonymous may have been doing their thing against the WBC site, how do you know that Jester wasn’t doing his thing as I recall he claimed to have done, his being the effective thing as its known to have been many times before, not necessarily any hived-up LOIC action possibly taking place simultaneously?

  4. Doug, this is the problem. He is always claiming to “do his thing,” but it seems he can only “do his thing” if someone else is already doing it for him. Understood

    Also, anon has never really taken sites down with loic. They control several powerful botnets and use them frequently. They started the attack and Jester just popped up a few hours in and said “OH hey me too!”

    Just like he claimed to take out the pirate bay website before the news reported it was a raid by the police.

    He’s claimed here and there he does what he does as a psych op, but I don’t buy any of it. He just wants attention and is good at getting it but not at very much else.

    • I have not been following either Anonymous or Jester closely over the past chunk of time but you just sound full of shit Suze, forgive me but you do. You sound like you’re part of a ragtag bunch with no objective other than shocking themselves onto the news once in a while and there’s a guy out there you all decided not to like mostly, I think, because he’s apparently a good bit better at computers than whoever is among your ranks and can even take you all on collectively in your seat races. It’s weird how much that bothers Anonymous and Anonymous fans.

      By Anonymous botnets do you mean how a few of them periodically invite a bunch of kids onto an IRC channel in some 4chan posts with a link to install LOIC and link up in a hive to receive commands to pingflood whatever targets the more aggressive of the bunch try to come up with?

      No that’s not understood, he’s made countless “tango down” posts of Jihadi site that are not of lulz interest, noting sometimes if they are temporary or not, the sites fall down around the time of his posts and summarily go back up. Are you saying he is pinging thousands of sites and posting his tango downs whenever he detects one go offline?

      It illustrates a pattern to me that he has means that Anonymous doesn’t, not without a really big LOIC rally at least complete with one of those Anonymous operation whatever posters floating around the image boards. It appears that Jester, and this seems to be a serious thorn in Anonymous’s side, single-handedly is more prolific and consistently effective on his own, and he is consistent with his targets which tend not to be the US government or whatever he thinks might make the news.

      “Here and there,” where has he claimed he’s a psych ops soldier and in which military? He wants attention? How would the Anonymous movement fair were it to abandon attention-seeking, personality disorders and boredom?

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