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Who is @th3j35t3r

While this post is not directly related to security…I felt it was worth sharing with others.
Who is th3j35t3r?  That’s the million dollar question now isn’t it?
For those not familiar th3j35t3r is a cyber-activist known for attacking known terrorist websites as well as Westboro Baptist Church and factions of Anonymous.
There have been many attempts to identify the true identity of th3j35t3r…but according to him none have been correct.
The endless attempts to find th3j35t3r’s true identity has become a humorous game for him…to the point that he has set his Twitter background picture to supposedly contain an encrypted version of his full identity.


Another theory which has been circulating is that th3j35t3r is not just one person but actually a group of several people associated with Tom Ryan…the security researcher responsible for the Robin Sage experiment.
Let’s look at just a few of the actions th3j35t3r has taken…

  • He has taken down multiple terrorist organization communication forums.
  • He has taken down Westboro Baptist Church in response to their picketing soldiers’ funerals.
  • He correctly identified a key Anonymous hacker “Sabu” as Hector Monsegur possibly leading to his arrest.

More importantly…

  • He has raised online security awareness for many people
  • He has exposed possible links between terrorist organizations and Anonymous
  • He has raised awareness of the “Wounded Warrior Project“…an organization devoted to helping wounded service members.

Th3j35t3r’s actions have angered the terrorist organizations…the Westboro Baptist Church…and the entire Anonymous collective…and yet they are unable to intimidate or stop him.  Th3j35t3r works completely alone…and because of that he does not need to worry about someone betraying his identity.
So who is th3j35t3r? The fact of the matter is…the real name of th3j35t3r doesn’t truly matter.  Th3j35t3r is an idea…a light in the darkness…a beacon of hope.  He is proof that one person can make a difference despite all opposition. In today’s word…with so much resistance against individuality a pressure to “conform to society”…he is a symbol that you need not align yourself with others in order to effect change.
Even if you disagree with th3j35t3r’s message and actions…you should not overlook the underlying symbolism of what he stands for – that one person can make a difference.
Never give up on what you believe in – be the light in the darkness.  Be the beacon of hope.  Do not be intimidated by the words or actions of others…and given enough patience you will succeed.


Originally posted on Caffeine Security