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Windows 8 Samsung Build Slate Hits Ebay

It seemed like developers were enjoying their slates so much that they weren’t going to even hit Ebay, but at least one has. It’s currently at $1225 with 6 days to go. Now for those of you thinking of just getting a Samsung Series 7 and installing Windows 8 it’s not the same. As Rafael Rivera notes:

The preview hardware consists of, for example:

  • Newer firmware (04WJ.M005.20110826.LDG, 8/26/2011)
  • An Option (GTM67x) chip for WiFi, phone and GPRS connectivity.
  • A Silicon Labs (CP210x) chip for USB<->UART-based scenarios
  • A Trusted Platform Module (1.2)
  • More sensors/gizmos, like:
    • NXP’s Near field Communications chip (NFC)
    • A Bluetooth LE chip (although OS support isn’t quite ready/turned on)
    • A gyroscope
    • An ambient light sensor

Feels a little pricy to me because we’re getting used to paying for a Mobile OS which is under $1,000 but it’s still pretty tempting.

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