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Windows Phone 7 App To Create 360 Degree Views Demoed

Watch this video. It’s very very nice. We’re all used to using a camera to make panoramic pics but this’ goes a step beyond and you can move in all directions (360 and up/down to view an entire space. Reminds me of Photosynth.

It’s done in Silverlight. The developers note:

This project demonstrates the power of Microsoft’s Silverlight on the Windows Phone 7. Still a work in progress, and a lot of the code will need to be tweaked and fine-tuned against the actual device.
We are university students and don’t have the money to spend on development devices, or pay whatever the carriers want for monthly plans. If you are in the Windows Phone 7 team and are interested to see this project succeed, you can help out by donating devices.

Someone get these guys some phones!:)

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