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Windows Phone Update Error #800705B4

Having a developer unlocked Focus should put me in the driver’s seat to an early NoDo update but instead, I’ve got myself an error code. And I’m not alone as Patrick is having the same exact issue.

So, what I can I do resolve the timeout error? According to MS (just updated March 12): 1.Delete history for Internet Explorer Mobile, Maps, and Search, and try the update again 2. Remove some apps and try the update again. I did step one (which was just annoying). Patrick went further and took step 2 as well and there’s no change. He’s removed most of his apps, email and all media. All for nothing. I haven’t gone to step 2 yet because…well really? I mean what the hell is the point of saving my settings and backing up my phone if I need to first uninstall my apps? It strikes me as such an imperfect answer that it’s like the mechanic saying that the answer involves hitting the hood a bunch of times.

And don’t be so fast to chalk this up to trying to push an update too early. Remember that Focus users are getting their updates now through this method and MS has a troubleshooting page exactly about this issue.

So, anyone else getting this or other errors? Right now I’m thinking I may be forced to hard reset first and then update but then I lose settings and customizations.