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The Nokia Microsoft gamble is starting to pay off globally

There have been a lot of negative comments about the Microsoft Nokia alliance and that the struggling Nokia would not be the salvation needed to lift the struggling OS. Microsoft, even with there impressive operating system called Windows Phone, has yet to partner well with device OEMS or put together an effective marketing campaign. Granted, Ben the PC Guy has gotten a lot of attention with the  “Smoked by  a Windows Phone” contests he has been running all over the world. I’m not saying it hasn’t been effective, who could argue with his 95% success rate right? But it does not hit a global audience or compare the Android Marketing juggernaut.

But Microsoft has pledged money for advertising something like millions instead of what seems more like hundreds of dollars so far. And Nokia has even started a series of advertisements to promote the product.  But with a only a couple of handsets launched in the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, Nokia has put together some impressive numbers in the fourth quarter of 2011 to take the number one Windows Phone supplier in the world. What is really interesting is how long of a head start HTC and Samsung had before the launch of the Nokia handsets and how Nokia has sold over 900,000 devices to take a 33% share of all Windows Phone devices sold. The result is a nice little 36% increase globally for Microsoft and a overall smartphone market share of 2.7%.

So I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, this is small potatoes but it could easily be called a single for the two companies which will allow them to send their cleanup hitter to the plate. That cleanup hitter is number 900 and I think the Lumia 900 will have a pretty big bat to swing for team Microsoft. I am not saying it will be out of the park, but I do expect a significant increase in market share when it gets launched in March. And even with it’s big boy specs like a Carl Zeiss camera and 4.3 inch screen, the Lumia 900 will be priced right on AT&T for $100.

So with the global strategy showing signs of success, Microsoft has got to be breathing easier as they wait for their cleanup hitter, the Nokia Lumia 900 to step up and take a swing for the fence.


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