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Windows Phones Don’t Drop Calls

When I heard Paul Thurrott say that he only had one dropped call in 5 months of testing a Focus I was intrigued. And internally we’ve been discussing call quality on our Windows Phone devices and there’s a clear consensus – it’s damn near perfect. For my two cents, call quality (even on AT&T in midtown NYC) sounds just like a landline and I haven’t had a dropped call or even a hint of static. In fact, the only time any of us have had any issues is when talking to iPhone users…but we all know it’s not us when that call drops. It’s way beyond any other cell phone I’ve had in terms of call quality. MS must have optimized the hell out of the radio (and maybe this is why CDMA is taking so long).

Anyway, if you’re using a Windows Phone share your thoughts. As far as it being a phone and actual phone quality, what are your impressions?

Bonus: Since it’s Friday, let’s add a little link (sorry embedding is disabled) to College Humor’s Action Movie Phone Call Fail…classic.