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WP7 And The Clock/Battery/Signal Meter Disappearing Act

Just take a look at the videos of the emulator…on the home screen there’s no time, battery or signal indicator. Sort of made me scared for a bit. Then I saw the WPC video and the on stage video showed cell signal strength, battery and clock. So I figured it was just an emulator glitch. Well I was just reading Ben Gracewood’s blog posting about why everyone will want Windows Phone 7 (including himself as a long time iPhone user). Talking about design, Ben notes:

There’s one line from the Metro design language presentation that really stuck with me: “Fierce Reduction of Unnecessary Elements“. And they don’t just pay lip services to this: if you wait for a few moments, the Windows Phone user interface does away with the battery and signal strength icons.

Now he doesn’t note the clock, so maybe that is an emulator thing, but am I the only one that thinks that they may be taking things a bit too far? I mean, I’d like to know the time and if my battery is ticking. Presumably tapping the top bar will bring it back to the forefront so I have to reserve final comment but let’s not get crazy with minimalism. This is a phone, not an art project;) oh who am I kidding – I’m buying one even if it doesn’t tell the time…