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WP7 App Money

Number cruncher Distimo assembled some intriguing graphs comparing consumer activity on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace versus the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (per capita). The highlights include that games for WP7 are dominating both in popularity among its own market’s other categories and over WinMo as well. The whole top ten paid apps are made up of games on WP7.

Overall apps are cheaper on WP7’s market versus WinMo’s though on par with Android and Apple, price wise – according to this Distimo outfit which in this case contradicts earlier reports. Currently 57% of the top 100 most popular WP7 apps are less than $2 versus 37% of WinMo, and the average price of all paid WP7 apps are less than a third as cheap as WinMo’s which are more expensive than iPhone’s apps. Versus all other major app markets WP7 has the largest portion of paid apps priced below $2 and its paid apps overall are the cheapest.

Microsoft claims there are about 3,000 apps in WP7’s Marketplace and counting versus WinMo’s 1,350. That’s a good sign as WinMo’s had a year’s head start on WP7. And as with WinMo, six of the top ten apps (popularity) were produced by Microsoft. So those are getting-acquainted prices, and though I doubt there will be a lot of Black Friday shoppers making their mobile acquisition decisions based on app market pricing distribution, at least WP7 users may get into the habit of breaking the seal by becoming willing to pay for software after not regretting their first purchase, something that may eventually lure more developers.

If this guy’s right, that may be working already along with other factors with WP7 seeing an 80% increase in the number of registered developers since September, currently at 15,000. If you want to see some of this data plotted out head to Distimo or if you don’t like registering for things like this hit up Techcrunch.

I never said this was going to be an exciting article.

Doug Simmons