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WP7 Demos: PC Mouse, Stopwatch and Gossip Apps

Aemami99 from YouTube just posted 3 Windows Phone 7 demos. The first is a virtual mouse and remote for your PC. So you can use the screen of your phone as a mouse for your PC, change your music and even use it as a keyboard. Check er out:

Next is a stopwatch app but it does all sorts of time related events. It’s a stopwatch, tracks laps, countdown timer and check out the animations. It automatically zooms in to the time based on the amount of digits left which is both practical and cool to look at. You also get to see how changing the system theme can change the app theme so when the user changes their WP7 theme (from black on white to white on black and then to a blue theme) the app changes as well to keep the same look. I‘ve never seen that demoed so that’s pretty cool cause then all of your apps keep the same feel based on your theme.

The third app is called “Hollywood’s Hottest” which is an RSS feed aggregator that has a lot of preset feeds to toggle as well as reviews and gossip. I’m not sure how it’s going to differentiate news from gossip, so we’ll have to keep an eye on this one. Here’s the video: