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WP7 Does NOT Tether…Ouch [Official Word From MS]

So Microsoft reached out to BGR to tell them that Brandon Watson misspoke the other day and WP7 does NOT support tethering. We didn’t carry the original story that it could tether because, quite frankly, we took it for granted so it didn’t seem like news. But not tethering is news.

Apparently MS doesn’t realize that Windows Mobile has had this for years. Oh you want a software solution from a third party? That could work as long as you don’t switch apps and it has to be put to sleep because of a lack of multitasking.

MS – stop screwing around and implement some features that you’ve written before. You can fix the aesthetic later but if you leave it out entirely you’ll just keep getting bad press about what WP7 is NOT and you’ll never get a message out about what it is.