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WP7 Foxtel App Impresses

Microsoft was hosting Remix in Australia and got together with cable provider Foxtel to show off some kickass implementations of MS technology including an HD2 and Surface which interacts for movie data. But there was also a WP7 on stage. So according to itwire here’s what went down. Based on WP7’s location awareness, the device knew they were at a boxing event (simulated) and the app asked if they wanted to record it on their Foxtel box at home. In real time the app was displaying fight information (similar to what MS did with Silverlight during the Olympics) and even had ‘live instant replay’ abilities. In another demo “Kordahi went through other demonstrations with the Top Model show, with another "app" that was Top Model specific, giving information relevant to the actual episode being watched, keeping a user more engaged with that particular show, rather than having their attention splintered by general web surfing – and all, of course, if that’s what a user wanted to do.” The app was developed in under 4 days since they just got their demo device. Again, the ease of apps is astonishing and the continued presence to use apps in real time to extend what you’re doing in the real world is phenomenal and something I’m happy MS is pushing.

via WMPowerUser