According to everyone WP7 devices won’t connect to networks with hidden SSIDs (networks that don’t broadcast a name of the network, a commonly used security measure). The fix for that at the moment is showing your network. I wouldn’t call this a minor bug.

On top of that, BGR is reporting that they’ve had enough readers write in to tell them that their Dell Venue Pros cannot connect to encrypted networks to go ahead and run an article on it. Anyone here who bought that phone can confirm that?

Well hey, luckily you people have your Redmond centralized update distribution system – let’s see just how fast it works for this and other complaints as they continue to pile up

Doug Simmons


  1. Looks like the combination of microSD card problems and hidden SSIDs has Microsoft’s PR team pretty busy this morning.

    I contacted them regarding the memory card questions, but they only responded in regards to the HTC 7 HD and HTC Surround

    “Thanks for your interest in HTC. Both the HTC HD7 and HTC Surround come with 16 GB non-removable storage. Hope this clears up the confusion. “

  2. I had this issue with my HTC 7 Mozart, it wouldn’t connect to WPA-AES encrypted network, found that if I changed my router to dual mode WPA-AES / WPA-TKIP it worked fine… weird…

  3. yea the lack of ability to connect to hidden SSIDs is listed in the quick start guide of my Focus and it does suck, i def prefer not to broadcast my SSID but i am forced to at the moment. even tried broadcasting, connecting then turning off broadcasting and as soon as you are no longer connected to the network the connections is lost until you rebroadcast in which the phone picks up the SSID immediately. i have recently learned that Zune players have the same exact issue so this is something MS is doing purposely…bummer

  4. i have an hd7 and i have no problems connecting to networks. actually ive been going in depth with this phone and i dont have any problems:)

  5. i connected my htc HD7 to wifi but can’t connect and then it appeared this message (ur phone couldn’t reach wifi network ).

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