Check it out. Out of all the awesome leaked screenshots from the Windows Phone 8 SDK this is by far the coolest.

How can you not give this a thumbs up!


    • But does it actually serve any practical purpose? This is just one of those reasons where (with the other 97% of the market) I just can’t take Microsoft’s Mobile seriously anymore.


      • Ah, still being a complete tool, its completely customizable, this is just a funny way to fit ‘8’ on the screen, not meant to really run like this, unless you want to in which you can.

  1. Practical? How about a sweet notification setup. The possibilities are only limited to the imagination and mine is very vivid.

  2. I guess you will have to explain it to those of us who have no taste. How is a bunch red or green squares considered cool. It just looks like some red or green icons plastered on the screen.
    I must be really old if this passes for cool nowadays.


  3. The only thing I can think of is that the expectations for Windows 8 are so low, that this is what is considered cool for them.


      • Its a novelty but still cool. Can either the Android or iOS start screens do this without a herculean effort? Moving on.

        Haters are going to hate but the good thing is the world doesn’t stop rotating.

        @Bryan B-No the expectations for Windows Phone 8 is not “so low” they are quite high.

        Its nice to know people are still out there that snubs their nose at anything other than what they approve of. Good stuff.

  4. Shame on you Murani. not once was any nose snubbing involved, you posted an image and said this is cool, I don’t see it.
    If you believe the image is cool, tell us why, I can post some images my granddaughter drew for me that I have posted on the frig.
    I think their cool, but if I posted them on a blog without an explanation, the first comments would be, “Are you on drugs”
    I’m glad you put fourth your feelings in another post, it gives more credence to your opinion, but no nose snubbing was intended.


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