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Yes we need 7” Windows RT Tablet

Today on ZDNet Mary Jo Foley asked “Will there ever be a Microsoft Surface Mini?” I think that is a very valid question and I feel Microsoft should really think about it. I vaguely remember Microsoft suggested that there would be many devices in multiple forms based on market needs and interests and those devices will be branded under Surface. I this came from Ballmer, while he was portraying Microsoft as a Devices and Services Company.


The 7” slate may not need Type cover or Touch cover, just a slate would suffice. They should have two versions of it, the first one like Surface RT with same XBox integration and on screen XBox Controls like Sony does with its Android tablets, On Screen PlayStation controls and release all the XBox games for it, and let us call this as Surface RT Game. And this must work with XBox 360 and can be able to control Kinect. Keep the price under $249 for this. The teens, preteens would rave for this tablet, without banging parents’ wallets. This will compete against Nintendo DS market and PS Vita and other portable gaming devices. At the same time release Office RT and other aspects of Surface RT on this. That way parents can happily give this device to kids considering two birds at a shot, gaming device and Mobile PC/Tablet.


The next one should be a professional one with 7” screen and should have digitizer to recognize the handwriting and this could be ARM device as well, doesn’t have to be x86/x64 based. And let us call this as Surface RT Executive. This doesn’t have to run the legacy Windows 7 apps. But this should come with Office RT and other Surface RT goodies. This will help majority of on road executives. While you are at it, please consider having LTE as optional for this 7” Surface RT Executive.

Please make 7” tablet a priority, because this can be targeted at home users too, because 7” form factor is great while you are laying in a couch and reading or reading on bed. I know because I use Galaxy Tab (original one) before I got to bed daily and know the comfort that comes with it at this form factor.

I wish someone from Microsoft would read this and gets it.

Image source: Microsoft.

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