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Youtube Fixin’ to Take Over Live Streaming Market

Though Youtube has streamed some events live including U2 and some political stuff, they’ve kept their distance from streaming live video, until today: They are conducting a trial that’s up now and tomorrow of a underwhelming selection of programming to see how to tweak it up the best presumably for an eventual full and aggressive rollout that I’ll go further in presumption and presume that this will be in fuller swing in time for Google TV.

Fire it up, see if you think it’s got legs once they make it look right and line up good programming (this is beta testing programming).

Here’s a schedule thing I imagine you can click to get it to do stuff related to this article.

Again, unless they get cold feet on this for whatever reason, Google TV baby all the way. And hey, even if the content from Youtube doesn’t suit you, sounds like with a Google-equipped set you’ll have no problem plugging into ustream and whatever else you kids watch including, come to think of it, those obedient ladies with their webcams and intriguing attire.

Doug Simmons