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I’m Really Digging Zombie Circus For Windows Phone

I’ve been playing Zombie Circus for Windows Phone and I have to say – it’s a lot of fun, addictive and has great graphics and effects. You know, some of the best games out there have a simple premise (like Angry Birds or Tetris) and this is in that line. You have zombie clowns trying to invade the circus. Your job is to prevent them from getting in. So they’re ragdolls and you get to pick them up and thrown them down hard enough to kill them. But there are different types of zombies, some that can’t be lifted, some that can be thrown at others, etc and different types of weapons that get added like guns and lightning. And the graphics are sweet as well as the gameplay. If this were an Xbox game it would be selling like hotcakes, but it’s not so it’s barely a blip on the radar. There’s a free trial and it’s definitely worth trying out. 

Here are the official features:

– 30 progressively difficult levels of addictive ragdoll physics action!
-True multi-touch support: fling 2 zombies around at once! Hold one zombie while shooting it with the other finger! Limitless possibilities to your attacks!
-Powerful particle system for explosions, fire, smoke, gas, and zombie damage effects!
-Full carnival themed musical scores!
-Beautiful hand-drawn graphics draw you into the carnival atmosphere!
-Touch-based weapons that make YOU part of the action!
-Progressive weapon upgrade and unlocking system makes you want to keep playing!
-New zombie types introduced as you progress – face them all!
-Fast loading! Tired of games taking 10-20 seconds to load? You won’t see that here!
-COMING SOON: SandBox mode with user-created levels and level designer! Rate and Review, let me know what else you want!

Again, free trial and $2 to own. And here’s a direct link to Marketplace.