As you probably know by now, carriers will be entitled to have their own section of WP7’s Marketplace and here’s the first screenshot of AT&T’s. It’s not populated with apps yet (just one test app) but expect it to start getting filled with AT&T crap apps shortly. This is another reason why WP7 should be liked by the carriers. They can profit from the apps without building their own app store. It stops fragmenting the markets and it gives revenue to the carriers. It’s another reason that for carriers to sell WP7 devices.

Paul Thurrott via 1800PocketPC


  1. Perfect image for the AT&T section of the phone… couple of d-bags, one eye-balling me like he’s going to make a move for my wallet, the other wondering if the moon really is made of cheese.

    I remember reading once that a WP7 requirement was that the user can disable any carrier-provisioned crApp stores. Is that still the case?

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