Unicorn Wings clipped and iPhone gets Bluescreen Of Death

Silly us who claimed Apple had lost all innovation! After outfitting the iPhone 5S with a finger print reader the NSA could be proud of, a camera worthy of a “I see your  Lumia 1020 but [...]

Nokia out here acting right!

Say what you want about Nokia’s attitude these days, but I am really digging the fire beneath their ass! Not only have they been throwing shots at Apple left and right for the iPhone 5C madness, [...]

The boss is back

Mobility Digest has seen its fair share of glory days over the years. Super star writers, contributors, initiatives and tons more. But the last two years have been a change in pace for many different reasons. [...]

SEO? No Thank You! I’ll Do it My Way

As lifestyles defined matured past its 2nd year of existence, I’ve come to change my stance on more than a few things. Not only on how to run a business, curate content and keeping the movement [...]

Xbox One Controller Could Have Had Smell?

Microsoft’s Zulfi Alam told gaming site Kotaku about the “almost hads” of the Xbox One controller. They experimented with smell, something I’ve read about in theaters but was never really widely received. “We went all out, [...]

Blackberry Z30 aka Phablet caught on video

I tend to think a rumor is still a rumor, but these days, rumors are quickly becoming facts. Perhaps we should redefine rumors to “companies leaking product details to generate buzz,” how about that?! Any who, [...]

Xbox One Controller Evolution Detailed In Video

Microsoft explains to us a lot of the hard work that went into the new Xbox One controller. It certainly is interesting to see the amount od detail and attention that went into this thing. Everything [...]

Microsoft swinging at Apple again

Seemingly the last bit of “lead” Apple has to hold on to, here comes the Gates brigade! What happens when you stop selling apps and worry about functionally? Nothing really, Apple still sells millions, BUT! Yea, [...]

Nexus 4 Months Later Video Review

The Nexus 4 has been on the market for a very long time, the SG4, HTC One and now the Moto X have all dominated the mind share of the Android fans. But still, the Nexus [...]

Nokia goes after Apple in Lumia picture ad

Stock performances and fan boy discussions aside, how do you know when a technology company has found their way again? When they start taking shots at people, relentlessly. Nokia added their own spin to Apple’s last [...]