Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: Does it own the crown?

Samsung outs the much anticipated follow up to the super popular Galaxy S3. Although an incremental release hardware wise, Samsung has managed to fit seemingly every feature under the sun into the SG4. Check out our [...]

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928, yea, for real

Rejoice…. rejoice! The big bad V has changed its ways and embraced the Windows Phone! But not just any Windows Phone, the Nokia kind of Windows Phone. After months of rumors and leaks, the Lumia 928 [...]

Kevo keyless lock uses your iPhone

This is nice! Kevo’s keyless lock uses the iPhone 5 or 4S to wirelessly gain entry. And just incase that pesky iPhone 5 battery dies on you, you still get a real key. But the real [...]

Samsung SideSync Looks Interesting

No ifs, ands or buts about it, Samsung has no officially stolen all of Apple’s “Magic.” Samsung’s SideSync allows you to interact with your SG4 as an extension of the PC when connected. It supports dopeness [...]

Has Nokia found their calling? Photography?

Its hard to stand apart in the smartphone market these days, it is even more difficulty to do so in a positive way. With a market dominated by a handful of devices and everything else scrambling [...]

The HTC One made an iPhone user out of me

It’s no secret how much I love HTC’ new “Like a BOSS” device, aka the HTC One. Stellar design, perfect display, fun features all around, the thing is just winner. The only problem here is my [...]

Selective Replies, Death To The “seen” Update

I have seen plenty of hilarity in my day, but this my friends, THIS! is HILARIOUS! Only because its true [...]

LeTV Super TV X60, its Super!

What makes this LeTV aka the X60 TV a super TV? The 1.7GHz Quad-core snapdragon processor coupled with 2GB of Ram of course! Sure, its got the silly gimmicks you’ve come to expect from the TV [...]

HTC One Review: Damn Near Perfect

As an old school Windows Mobile fanboy, the letters HTC rings more than a few bells around these parts. In the last 2 years or so, they seemed to have lost their way. So much so, [...]

Leaked Images Of The Motorola X?

The question as to why on someone’s green earth did Google buy the phone division of Motorola is still at large, but the hype and anticipation for the end result has been in no shortage. Rumors [...]