Office 365+Skype Ad on YouTube

Microsoft ad on YouTube for Office 365+Skype for students is LAMO. They didn't mention about Google Docs, but showed how it is inferior in this very short clip. [youtube] Good Job Microsoft.

Gods Must be Crazy!

Google is paying just $7M for the Wi-Fi theft (crime) and Govt. let it go. Microsoft is paying nearly $750M for missing stupid ballot survey. Yeah definitely Gods Must be Crazy!

Friday Fireballs: Facebook Home Brings Social To The Front

If you—like me—tuned into the Facebook Home announcement anxious to see just what Facebook had in store for us at their new home on Android I’m sure you left with mixed...

It’s here!!

Windows Phone folks, Pandora is finally here! Starting in the US, Australia, & New Zealand you can get it in the Store today. Now, just as with Instagram:...

White House Distances Itself from Readergate

Among the many popular petitions floating around was one of those presidential petitions to the White House calling on Obama to encourage Google to reconsider killing Reader, which I thought was...

Just takes too much effort these days..


Now this is battery life! Nokia Lumia 1520

Monster sized phone + tablet = Phablet right? If it's the Nokia Lumia 1520 it also means battery life or at least it does from one of our readers. The 1520...

Where Are The Cheap Windows Tablets?

Another Sunday, another stack of store circulars, and still no mention of $79, or $99, or even $199 Windows tablets. The holidays are upon us and Microsoft is missing out on...

Game changer?

What's that. Microsoft (as well as their partners) is launching an 8" Surface RT in June for $249-$299. Market shift, here we come.

Google Play Celebrates First Birthday with a week long free goodies

Google Play celebrates its first birthday with discounts, gift cards and exclusive in-game content, free books, discounted music, movies and rentals in addition to some games. This is going to be...