It’s here!!

Windows Phone folks, Pandora is finally here! Starting in the US, Australia, & New Zealand you can get it in the Store today. Now, just as with Instagram:...

Who is developing for Google Glass?

Evernote. Naturally, THEIR example is a grocery list, but we all know Simmons will be taking girlie pictures with his.   From the Evernote blog: First Look: Evernote for Google Glass  

Win A Free Motorola Moto G

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that Mobile Fun is giving away a free Moto-G that we have been talking about here at Mobility Digest! Our Staff...

Are you a coder and own Surface Pro?

Well I am a developer and write a lot of code daily, and I own Surface Pro. I wanted to use Surface Pro while travelling and do quick POC development and...

Lenovo T430U Windows 8 Ultrabook

Lenovo is giving 12% discount on their business class Ultrabook. Just use coupon code PAQBo4In7NwA at checkout.

AT&T Pre-orders For Samsung Galaxy S4 Begin April 16th

The Galaxy S4 will be making its debut on the AT&T network soon. Pre-orders will go live on April 16th with the cost to pre-order running a cool $249.99 with a...

Gods Must be Crazy!

Google is paying just $7M for the Wi-Fi theft (crime) and Govt. let it go. Microsoft is paying nearly $750M for missing stupid ballot survey. Yeah definitely Gods Must be Crazy!

Mom’s 70th, Getting Her a Chromebook

Picking up a Chromebook for my mom's birthday now. Her laptop is on its last legs, and even on its best days it's a maze of confusion for her. She's the...

Google’s Motorola Patent Acquisition Continues To Fail Them

Microsoft’s Xbox has won a preliminary ruling from an ITC judge that clears them of violating a Google Motorola patent dealing with ”sensor controlled user interface for portable communication device”. This...

St. Louis Microsoft Store opens on June 7

Microsoft is opening its store in St. Louis Galleria Mall on June 7th, 2013. Of course they have a popup store currently there in the same mall.