Skype People Hub integration update confirmed

Joe just went on the record: @ammarmalik1 Skype integration in people hub is on way... Requires a Skype update, and no I can't say when that's coming.

Who’s in for a Lumia 928 tomorrow?

The 928 is available starting tomorrow from Verizon for $99. Accessories are already appearing -- -- So, you in?

Developers are treating WP7 as a second class citizen to WP8

If I look for new games on my phone there's little to talk about. Go to the online Marketplace and games. Yeah they're only for WP8 and even though many...

Windows 8 is selling at the same rate as Windows 7

Then why is this negativity from media? media Obviously I see competitors $ are work to throw mud on Microsoft products.

Windows 8.1 brings Start Button back?

At least that's what The Verge says.Well if that shuts the knee-jerk reaction from media who are reluctant to accept change, why not.

Is Samsung more powerful than Google wrt Android?

At least that appears to be. Now Samsung owns nearly 95% of Android device market and making more revenue than Google, it is definitely powerful. The second leader in Android devices...

Sources, sources, sources!

Heard on NPR on my drive in this morning: in its desire to get a picture of Damascus, Syria for a story, a Danish news show ended up with a shot...

Wrapcam iOS (iPhone/iPad) App is free for today

Wrapcam by Tech BLA Solutions Pvt ltd is free for today on iOS (iPhone/iPad) AppStore. This App comes with many filters and also lets you create wallpapers from your pictures, wrap and...

Firmware update for Dell Venue 8 Pro (5830)

Firmware update for Dell Venue 8 Pro (model 5830) is available. Dell support website mentions this is an important update that fixes issues with touch panel. Of course this requires a...

Firefox OS vs. Chrome OS

I am guessing if anyone adopts it, it may not be threat to iPhone, Android in the Phone segment, and Android Tablets, iPads, and Windows 8 Tablets but definitely a good...