Verizon Nokia 928 in black revealed

@Evleaks has done it again: For comparison you can see how the camera looks on the Lumia 920 below. The edges look tapered on the 928 too. Sent from my Windows Phone

Sources, sources, sources!

Heard on NPR on my drive in this morning: in its desire to get a picture of Damascus, Syria for a story, a Danish news show ended up with a shot...

Weave Servers Are Down

Guess I'll just go back to sleep. Sent from Windows Mail

Nokia media confirms InstagramWP account is fake

What a weird rumor - that a Twitter account held any credibility about the pending release of a Windows Phone Instagram app (especially on the heels of Instagram not appearing at...

PNY 128GB flash drive

The PNY 128GB flash drive is on sale at Best Buy. It was listed at $149.99, but right now it is sold for $59.99. I think it is pretty good complimentary...

Beam Me Up Bing

Go to and type Beam Me Up and hit enter and see how page transforms into. Way to go Microsoft.

Liquid Daffodil throws down the gauntlet

I'll admit - I'm a Liquid Daffodil fan. He's at it again, laying it down to Instagram & its owner, Facebook. My question is, is Instagram REALLY...

Tech For Dummies: iPad in Bathroom

I’m sorry but are we as a society have not gotten to the point where the newspaper reading in a bathroom can be acceptably replaced by an iPad in a bathroom....

Graphic Definition of the Term iSheep

That is all.        

Office 365+Skype Ad on YouTube

Microsoft ad on YouTube for Office 365+Skype for students is LAMO. They didn't mention about Google Docs, but showed how it is inferior in this very short clip. Good Job Microsoft.