iPhones Are Preferred by 71 Percent of Congress

If congress has a 14% approval rating, could that mean that only 14% of you would even care about what smart phone they have? Well, being that we seem heavily dominated by Windows Phone fans here, [...]

Does Anyone Really Care About Benchmark Testing Anymore?

I was just reading this mornings tech news when I came across a story by Phone Arena who ran some benchmark testing on the iPad Air 2, Surface Pro 3 and the Nexus 9 which are [...]

What is SensoTRACK?

Why it’s the “World’s First biometric health monitoring device” is all! I am just loving where technology is taking health and fitness. I am not a huge fan of wearing the monitor around my chest when [...]

Apple iPhone 6 Sales Soar While iPad is Sluggish

Brace yourself as we have massive breaking news! Apple has sold a lot of the newly released iPhone 6! Okay, we’re done, now everyone disperse. Shocking right? Well Apple has done it again and the iPhone [...]

Apple ID Email Scam Making The Rounds Again

For everyone who has an Apple ID, beware emails like this one I got this morning. If you get one, delete it (or if you have Gmail, report for phishing). Know how to detect spam and [...]

Apple’s iPad Could Be Behind Your Rash

If you have been suffering from an unexplained rash lately and cannot pinpoint where it came from then you might try looking at your Apple iPad. As it turns out the iPad’s outer coating contains nickel, [...]

Do We Really Need A 12.9 Inch iPad Pro?

On occasion I post on Apple rumors because largely it is wishful thinking on my part especially pertaining to any rumor of a larger screened iPhone. Even though my biggest pet peeve with Apple seems to [...]

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer at it again and buys Blink!

Snapchat is huge for a variety of reasons and one being the ability to control who see’s what after you send it. Essentially the picture chat you send disappears from the receiver of the messages phone [...]

Office 365 1 Year Subscription Key Card for $67

Well you have an iPad and you went to Microsoft Store just to find out that they have already finished their first 50 free Office 365 (O365) Subscriptions for the first year to iPad owners. Or [...]

Microsoft releases Office for iPad and you could download at 11.00am PST from AppStore

Yes, you heard it right. Microsoft Office general manager Julia White presented Office iPad at Microsoft’s “Mobile First Could First” strategy and the first conference of Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft in San Francisco. At [...]