Hongkongers Show Ferguson How to Protest

I hate people who block traffic for any reason, but these kids in Hong Kong have won me over. The students have chosen, with an impressively-rapid acquisition of traction and seemingly-universal and escalating global support, to [...]

Wife: Why Is Hong Kong Is Getting No Coverage?

So last night me and the missus were gearing up to watch NBC Nightly News. She cooked a good dinner, pasta and chicken and some green stuff. She worked hard on that dinner. She was texting [...]

Microsoft: Promote Universal Apps

I had some downtime yesterday and decided to browse the Windows 8 Store. After poking around Featured, Top Free, New & Rising, and a couple other categories, I took at look at the three tabs across [...]

Starbucks Wifi: A Subtle Irritant

Like you probably, I’m surrounded by Starbucks. Every now and then, either due to a low signal or because I want to download a half of gig of this and that or because I want to [...]

64% Cheat On Their Significant Other While in The Same Room

With the divorce rate as high as it is I guess I don’t understand why this statistic shocked me as much as it did. But it did. 64% of a survey of 11,050 cheating members in [...]

China Looking at Cell Phone Lanes for Sidewalks

We have all the culprits or victims of walking down the street bank getting bumped into by someone looking at their cell phone.  The main issue I have is when people using their cell phones pull [...]

Wunderlist, or WunderBUST, or maybe WunderLESS

It’s no secret that I am a task/to-do application maven, constantly seeking the Holy Grail of task apps. Not that I suffer from acute CRS (Can’t Remember Shit). It’s just that I was brought up on [...]

Fanbois and Smartphone Myths

Biggest Smartphone Myth: The biggest myth ever spread in the modern mobile tech era is that Android is for those who prefer to customize their phones. Seeing reviewers perpetuate this myth is tiresome at best, indicates [...]

Google’s WebM Eviscerating GIFs (at least on 4chan)

Animated GIFs have long severed the Internet adequately for short, low-quality animated cat and sleazy porn videos. Google improved on the decades-old GIF technology with WebM, a format that has better compression, lets you watch cat [...]

Women in Technology – Warning: Snark, sarcasm, and scorn ahead!

At the beginning of July, Business Insider posted their “22 Of the Most Powerful Women Engineers in The World.” These women include 1 President, 1 CEO, 1 CTO, 4 VPs from companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Oracle, [...]