And a Merry Christmas to You Too Sam Walton

I just got back from my annual Christmas quest to Sam’s, and not surprising, it was an experience. My Christmas shopping is pretty much done, but I can’t beat the price they have on Caribou K-Cups, [...]

Google News Snubs Celsius

Load Google News in the US. See that the weather thing on the right in Fahrenheit? There’s no way to fix that. By fixing, I mean to change the unit. Celsius is the Cadillac of temperatures. [...]

Microsoft’s Universal Apps Are Making This Guy LESS Productive

After touting Windows Phone for two years, no one was more excited in 2012 to see Windows 8 and that glorious Start Screen, with all those app tiles flipping about. While others may have seen a [...]


What in the hell is that, right? Well, if you’re young, smart and more driven to succeed than I was, hit the books son and learn how to read, write and apply that tier of math because [...]


Word of the day? Enucleation. As in someone “wet” on PCP ripping out their eyeballs because they believe they are looking at Satan. A patient at a hospital at which I interned did this to both [...]

Poor Bastards

Way back when I was dating the university’s president’s daughter I scored an internship at a psychiatric hospital in a rough neighborhood of Philly. Flagrant nepotism but incidentally I knew psych, I was helpful during my [...]

Satya Nadella Kicking Ass [rough draft, help!!]

Here’s what I’ve observed under Nadella’s watch, the new Microsoft CEO. Right now this is a rough draft, so if you people give me more material I’ll pop it into the article, please and thank you. [...]

Learn Cantonese, Google Translate!

Google’s wonderful translation service speaks eighty languages. Eighty! Stunning voice synthesizing and speech recognition in both lingual directions too, it’s crazy. Eight languages. Among those languages is Latin. There are zero native Latin speakers in the [...]

Bill Gates Philanthropy Not Affected By Increased Time at Redmond

Bill Gates, advocate of the widely criticized Common Core educational changes as well as renowned good guy and philanthropist, has been spending more time at Redmond as of late. Even though he just dropped 50 million [...]

Hongkongers Show Ferguson How to Protest

I hate people who block traffic for any reason, but these kids in Hong Kong have won me over. The students have chosen, with an impressively-rapid acquisition of traction and seemingly-universal and escalating global support, to [...]