drone vs cute neighbor’s car

Last night I piloted my new mini quadcopter out my backdoor and beyond my deck. That’s when I lost reception, and she plummeted forty feet. Normally that would be no big deal, this sucker is invincible, [...]

Mimo is trustworthy

I am obsessed with Nest and found a remote baby breathing monitor thing made by Mimobaby.com and, fascinated with the technology, I bought it instead of another quadcopter. In order for it to sense your baby’s [...]

Open season on cops, huh?

I don't care for the black lives matter movement; but if I'm right here, I think what the state has already done to her with the perp walk and questionable arrest is ... [...]

Flyin’ Ryan, Tell Me What to Buy!

I spotted an RC helicopter on Newegg and figured teaching my infant how to crash a helicopter would be a good father-son activity, you know? And it was. But my sweet lil’ baby was dissatisfied with [...]

Gotta Learn Python

The coolest things are programmed in Python, Python is in high demand on the job websites, Python's capabilities are relatively universal and the consensus is that it's the easiest language to cram. I gotta learn Python. [...]

Will Microsoft Fix Windows 10 Mail?

It’s been 12 days since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest attempt to satisfy the masses with a modern, touch friendly OS. It’s also been more than six months since millions of users, testers, have [...]

Newegg Only

After a long clip of consumer celibacy, I decided to hit up Newegg and splurge and drop a grand on the mother of all monitors, even though I’m already living beyond my means, according to my tax [...]

Battery Drain: Mobility’s Achilles Heel

So who has never had this happen. You slip your phone in your pocket, bag or case, knowing that it has about 78% worth of juice in it. A few hours later your out with friends [...]

Surface 3: It’s a Tablet Stupid!

  Unlike the big tech sites, we meager folks at Mobility Digest have to wait for pre-orders of new devices to be delivered before we can get our grubby paws on them. For me, that’s May [...]

Can Microsoft Make a Usable Tablet OS?

Let’s be clear here, I’m not talking about hardware. Microsoft has done a fine job with the Surface line. Building durable good looking slates, with; kickstands, ample ports, powerful processors, beautiful displays, multiple cameras, abundant connectivity [...]