Well, you all know we’re all about mobile devices. But the Senior Staff wants us to branch out a little bit into more general “technology” (whatever that may mean), so here goes:

First you need to know what graphene is (okay, so Wikipedia isn’t generally acknowledged as a good research source, but we’re just looking for a quick primer). Read that? Great.

So far, graphene has been made by peeling layers of graphite with, basically, Scotch tape. Well, some folks at UCLA have discovered a better way, using a CD and a DVD writer.  Seriously.

What does this have to do with mobility?  BATTERIES. Graphene is a great super-capacitor. 30-second charging of your mobile phone? Yes! Compostable?? Yes, PLEASE!


Yeah, yeah: scientific discoveries can take years to go into production. But this is exciting stuff!


  1. Long live graphene. Battery technology is due for a leap forward. In an ever increasing mobile world keeping a charge will prove a benefit to everyone.

  2. As a hybrid car owner, I’m also intrigued by the electric car possibility. Something that can be easily AND quickly charged? I’m all for it!

  3. Thirty second charging only sounds fast when you take into consideration what charging currently takes. Remove that half from your mental equation, suddenly thirty seconds ain’t so sudden anymore. To put that into perspective, I could have made a less stupid comment than this in twenty additional seconds and my battery wouldn’t have fully charged in that time.

    All I am saying Marti that, while promising, we should, at MobilityDigest HQ, set our sights higher and keep hitting the Wikipedia random article link a couple more times in our quest for faster charging times.

  4. By the way Marti, between your wisdom, charm, femininity and general intrigue you’ve managed to assume a de facto position of supreme leadership hereabouts. In light of that, would it kill you to mandate that we all show up for work at the MobilityDigest Campus every day? Might help cohesion and the creative process – just a thought.

    • o.O “general intrigue”? I try not to be confrontational… I doubt I could be MORE your opposite. :D

      I’m actually a follower. That’s hard to say, and hurts, but true.

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