lolspoilerAppears I’m about to owe my man D-Money and Murani seventy bucks, having bet them in May that it would take many months for Mango to appear on 2/3rds of active WPs. Now using MD’s traffic as the indicator puts me at a disadvantage given that you people are more likely to upgrade faster than the average WP owner, and even though I didn’t agree to use that as the meter, given that I’ve got nothing better available and that I’m a gentlemen, and also given that it’s obvious where it’s going, let’s go with MD traffic.

Around 2pm Tuesday, Mango concentration of all our Windows Phone 7.* traffic was at 8%, which was actually lower than the Tuesday a month back. Yesterday it weighed in at a stunning 51%, and today, since midnight today through now it’s at 57%. Bet it will break sixty today. So that’s less than 10% to go until I owe D-Money $20 and Murani $50. Meaning it’s time to check my balance and round up their money.

More importantly it means that the Windows Phone men (and women?) managed to coordinate and execute a hell of a job on this rollout, tremendously exceeding my expectations obviously, of getting their customers onto Mango, which everyone seems to love, extremely rapidly – bravo to you guys. This is not an easy thing to pull off. Really I am amazed with Microsoft for once. Less amazed with Murani because I know he just got lucky and bet based on his emotions, though D-Money on the other hand seems to have an eye for rationality.

Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and call this my concession of defeat on this wager with these two guys and to all of you WP owners who cheered them on, coupled maybe with a light apology for raining on your parade with these two bets, might as well forgo the formality of waiting for another ten percent because I’m obviously done here.

Sigh, I was about to drop that scratch on eight gigs of ram in order to troll with more tabs open.

So, any chance you two accept Google Checkout?

Doug Simmons


  1. Im in London, Uk and I have a Samsung Omnia7. And although I was expecting the Mango update to be better than NoDo, I was still surprised when I hooked up my phone yesterday afternoon and Zune informed me that I had an update for my phone.
    I do have a feeling that this week Microsoft will concentrate on unlocked devices, which is what I have, as they said this week they would only roll out the update to 10% of Windows Phones.
    30 mins later and everything smelt sweeter! That said, however, I have a friend on Orange with a Omnia 7 too and he got the update yesterday too!
    So yeah, I believe it has started, not just in the US and Asia, but all over the world!

  2. rob: Well hey in order to support my betting habit and keep people comfortable betting with me, gotta pay up pronto when I lose without debating whether to wait for some comScore thing or some random apps’ user stats to confirm that I lost or whatever, and again the fuzzy math is pointing right at me losing this one decisively and well ahead of schedule. Also, I’m actually a stand-up guy.

    I think I was banking on very few bothering to do something that required tethering up to a machine with Zune installed to do a Windows Update but for their phone and that this would mostly come down to waiting for enough new WP devices with Mango already on them to be sold. Actually come to think of it I don’t even know right now if this was an OTA thing or even involved having to install Zune. Whatever it was, it worked and I am sincerely congratulatory to those who are reading this article from * hosts, already had a few (they’re big fans of me at The Campus you see). Way to be fellas.

    Yo D-Money want to go double or nothing on no Nokia WP in 2011 or shall we close the tab?

  3. I have a Focus ver 1.4 And Dell Venue Pro so no Mango yet or even release date. To me WP Mango roll-Out sucks. If iPhone 5 or Galaxy S II come first, I might not even taste Mango

  4. @kike:
    I do have 2 focus and a HD7. HD7 was using beta, and I had update on the 27th without any hitch on that. Everything went smooth from beta to RTM, no need to go back to NODO. I am waiting for update on Focus though. It seems Microsoft is rolling out pretty faster and better than NoDo. Give it another week and I think you will be eating Mango by then.

  5. No mango for me yet either. Its pissing me off. Im about to go droid, and buy a ps3. Microsoft needs to get with it.

  6. Like: Make sure you direct your anger at the proper parties; Samsung and Dell. If they did their homework you wouldn’t be waiting. Sorry, but Microsoft is off the hook on this one.

  7. Yup might work if my Zune software wouldn’t go “Zune has stopped working and is shutting down” WTG Microsoft WTG

  8. At the risk of sounding obnoxious, im going to go ahead and call “user error” on this one. uninstall/reinstall zune and try again. in the time it takes for us to go back and fourth on this 4 times, you could have zune up and running again and be on your way to Mango in no time at all.

  9. Tried it. Tried the support line. Tried turning off my antivirus. Tried running in compatible mode. I even updated my windows…nadda. I dont want Togo back n forth but im really irritated.

  10. @NoMe4u: OK, if you really need help, hit up the Customer service guys for WindowsPhone on Twitter. They are some of the fastest and most responsive CSR’s you’ll find.

    Aint that right Patrick *wherever you are*?


  11. Doug E. Fresh, I’ve been away for a hot second from MD, but I am glad you enticed me back from work and fam. Must say I’m a little disappointed in you, though. Thought sure you’d grace us with some sort of crack about how Google, with its bazillion unit installed Android base, should learn a little from MSFT’s efficacy at updating all 100,000 of its total customers.

    I’ll double you down on a Nokia phone being released in 2011 or RIM falling to number 4 in 2012 (or being acquired). Or perhaps some other creative wager you can dream up. But just know, I only take bets that I know I will win. Booya.

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