Am I the only one who was disappointed to see the images of the WP7 devices that Engadget leaked?  There was a Palm Pre looking thing and something resembling the Nexus One with a keyboard. I thought we were going to see something that was a sleek box – not curved edges. I mean, the entire OS is based on sharp lines so putting heavy round edges on the device is like Apple making an iPhone that’s boxy…oh wait:) Anyway, the guy with a keyboard (the LG) seems to have enough room to put another phone in the dead space between the back and search keys. No idea what that’s about. And a 4 row keyboard? I’ll reserve judgment until I try it but I like the extra row with a dedicated number line. The Samsung, I think, is the better looking device, but again I’m shocked at how rounded it is. It seems intentionally exaggerated. Also, notice that the USB charging is at top and there are no port at the bottom. That’s interesting…not sure what to make of it yet. And is that the 3.5mm jack on the side at the bottom? I can’t tell but that would make no sense so I hope I’m just seeing a shadow from the camera button.


Oh and every notice that whoever leaked these leaked both? Same white desk, notepad and keyboard on their desk. Meaning that it’s likely either an AT&T or MS employee since who else would have both devices?

Of course, the HTC Schubert/Mozart is also rounded so it’s likely that MS was dictating a look it wanted. What do you guys think? Shout out on anything – conspiracy theories welcomed.


  1. OMG, I am glad I went to the site before uploading my article. I just was about to submit one saying just why all the OEMs failed and that is the risk MS runs when it doesn’t take total control of their destiny. Say what you will but Apple knows not to let others screw the pooch on their watch.

  2. I absolutely agree that these are some ugly devices. I posted about the T-Mobile G2 earlier and how ugly that was. I don’t understand why they are going this route again with WP7 and the Android G2… Stupid…

  3. I had been dead set on getting a Samsung WP7 phone because I knew it would definitely come with a Super AMOLED screen, but now seeing that leaked Samsung phone, I’m not so sure, it’s like the OEMs are not even trying, especially HTC. I mean all HTC had to do was simply swap the internals of the HD2 or the EVO and hey presto, we have a cracking WP7 device.

    I think this comment posted by “efjay” on the wmpoweruser site – “”, encampsulates my feeling exactly:

    “Can anyone justify to me now why it isnt a good idea for MS to produce the software AND hardware for WP7? These guys arent even trying, and these are supposed to be the MS partners? Everyone was saying “wait for HTC”, well we waited and we got crap. You have to ask, if this is what the “premier” launch partner is getting what will the other non-premier carriers get? These OEM’s are obviously so in love with android they cant be bothered to do any kind of work for WP7. So sad, WP7 has to battle not only other mobile platforms but MS’s own hardware partners as well.

    Earth to MS, get with your Zune hardware partner and release a Zune-phone ASAP before your “partners’ kill WP7.”

  4. Well I am not about to worry…The beauty of it is while you guys might not like the look of these phone others will… I prefer rounded corners and hard keyboards (TP2 !!!). The square look doesn’t do it for me… Let’s sit back and chill, then wait to see all the different hardware platforms for WP7.. Hopefully there will be a good looking phone for everyone and most importantly the UI is so good that even my kids think its great..

  5. I agree. The devices are underwhelming. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Kin, however. Few people liked the Kin form factors. On the other hand, the Zune HD hardware received unanimous praise from reviewers, so, if Microsoft had mandated hardware standards, Zune HD is more likely.

  6. The general sentiment around the web is that these phones are a real disappointment. The majority of us can’t be wrong. Thus, if these are the best phones out there WP7’s prospects will be greatly hurt. I sure hope Microsoft is payment attention to the negative buzz and does something about it. Personally, as much as I want a WP7 device, I wouldn’t buy any of the leaked phones up to this point. I’m hoping that Sprint gets a 4G capable WP7 device with good looks and specs. That will certainly get my attention.

  7. @Murani. Do you really think with so much riding on the success of WP7 that Microsoft would let the OEM’s just go out and do their thing without providing some kind of direction with regard to overall device design. If OEM’s really don’t care why didn’t they just use existing shells and modify the button arrangement to make MS happy. Could have saved a lot of bucks and time. My guess is MS was interested in a specific look and they may just have gotten what they asked for.

    Not ready to pass judgement until I see actual released devices, but I think both the OEM’s and Microsoft get to share the responsibility for this, good or bad.

  8. The way I see it is, unless these device developers come up with phones designs that are at least on par with current beauties like the iPhone 4 or EVO I doubt the general public will embrace WP7. The majority of people when shopping for a new phone the first thing they look at is the overall design and aesthetics, the screen, and capabilities. If the WP7 devices don’t immediately stand out and people think they are ugly or not easy on the eye then WP7 simply won’t have a fighting chance againt the competition. It’s really a shame because the Metro UI is so nice.

  9. Now, that’s what I’m talking about:

    wmpoweruser have just posted a video of the LG E900 “”, the keyboardless version of that LC900 shown above and it does look quite sleek.

    This is what we want to start seeing going forward.

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