imageWay back in November Samsung stated that the Samsung Focus does use Gorilla Glass. In fact, on their site they have a little Q&A:

Does the display use Gorilla Glass?
yes. the Samsung Focus does use Gorilla glass

Not really sure there can be any confusion on the issue, right? Well personal experience dictates otherwise. See, I’m super careful with my phones. I actually keep my phone in my pocket and nothing else goes in there. And I’ve had phones dating back to the Treo 600 with a lot softer resistive screens and even a Blackjack with a flat plastic front and I’ve never scratched the face of any of my phones. Until my Focus.

I have a small scratch that’s maybe 1/4” long but it’s only visible if you’re at an angle or if you’re on some screen (the games hub solid green does the trick). I can stick my nail in it tough and it’s definitely there and that annoys me.

And I’m not alone. Parkpy over at XDA has the same experience at me. Now to refute that, plenty of people say they take keys to their screens and nothing happens. Anyway, if you’re a Samsung Focus user, share your experience. Do you think it’s Gorilla Glass?


  1. I think the Focus has Gorilla Glass. I throw my phone in my gym bag’s pocket with my keys and also in my pocket with those same keys and I have no scratches. My Tilt2 was subjected to the same treatment and scratched very early in its time with me.

  2. I should add that I think it’s possible that some may not. I remember hearing news stories about Samsung phones being backordered because of a supply issue with Gorilla Glass, so maybe they tried an alternative that wasn’t as good. I wonder if the scratch on your phone would be a warranty issue since they claim that it is Gorilla Glass and they also claim this is has a scratch resistant feature.

  3. So after I made the scratch video with the Venue Pro, I let my friend try to scratch it before I sent it back to Dell. Turns out you can scratch it with a key(not particularly sharp) if you apply a good deal of pressure to hold it down and scrape it across the screen. Stabbing does little to nothing to the screen(regardless of sharpness), but extreme pressure along with scraping seems to do the trick to scratch it. Perhaps you leaned while it was in your pocket with the screen facing out?

  4. I am having the same problem with my Focus. I also treat it the same way you do and it seem to be collecting a few scratches that I can’t explain. I might need to put a screen protector on it to prevent any additional issues.

  5. I thought that it was just me or that Gorilla glass was not all it is cracked up to be. It would be a shame if some units have it and some don’t. It give not only Samsung but Gorilla glass a bad name. It is also false advertisement on Samsungs part.

  6. Although there was the claim of gorilla glass, I bought a screen protector nonetheless. I don’t really understand why folks don’t take care of their phones with screen protectors and some sort of body protection.

  7. Focus is in my pocket all day with no protector since december, have taken keys to the screen, absolutely no scratches

  8. I treat my phone the same as you and I have like 6 or 7 small scratches in the lower left most center of my screen. Worst I do is put it in my gym bag with my glasses. I may put in a complaint because I’m calling bs on mine having gorilla glass.

  9. I have a tiny scratch as well and keep it away from keys and such and just keep it in my pocket with nothing else. I’m inclined to say it does not have gorilla glass. I would use a screen protector, and did for a while, however they change the resistiveness/smoothness of the screen and made it tougher to use with your finger, imo.

  10. I’ve had my Focus since the 1st of December and frequently carry it in my pocket, albeit I try to not carry anything else in the same one. I’ve not had any scratches, thankfully. I was worried initially, but I didn’t want to put a protector on out of fear of losing some sensitivity.

  11. I have a dell venue pro, and out of all of the phones I’ve had (over 30), none has ever SHATTERED the way this one did with one fall. It dropped out of my hand and landed on it’s back… didn’t even bounce around… just landed, and the entire face was completely shattered. I had to put clear duct tape on it to keep the glass intact and not cut my face until i recieved another one. That was one of the reasons I had gotten that model, besides the keyboard, of course… and there goes my “gorilla glass” theory!

  12. I have a Sammy Android phone and I treat it like a red head step child with freckles. The phone has a body protector but no screen protector. I drop it all the time but I have no scratches at all and its always in my pocket with keys, work bag, or on the car floor. Maybe MS wants their user to pay extra for the Gorilla Glass like you pay extra for all of your apps. “Good luck with all of that”

  13. @RowdyC: Enjoy your Android, but the Sammy’s with WinPhone also have Gorilla Glass, plus that’s a manufacturer decision and not Microsoft. Lame attempt to get a dig in.

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