You guys ready for this?  Cause I’m stoked to have found this little gem at 1:44AM!  Was browsing youtube to feed my insatiable hunger for any and all WP7 news.  Thankfully I came upon this, not quite in total focus, video of a LG E900 in action.  As you can see from my screenshot taken at 0:56(and rotated for your viewing pleasure), this particular unit has 14.95GB of either free space remaining or total capacity.  Minus overhead and the already used 0.82GB, this would put onboard storage somewhere in the neighborhood of 16GB.  Since these are still prototype units, this can all change before retail release, but some news is better than no news.

I was a bit worried when Microsoft first announced that WP7 would not support expandable memory solutions.  Companies other than Apple tend to skimp on storage space and I’m a media hog.  This puts to rest most of my fears about upcoming WP7 phones.  At least one manufacturer is considering putting more than 8GB of storage space into a phone and that’s a good omen from where I’m standing.

What about you guys?  Is 16GB adequate? Should we all be demanding 32GB devices at this point?  Or do you scoff at us poor fools who need to learn to manage our media better and should get by with 8GB or less?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I think 16GB is the bare minimum with all the applications, video, pictures and most importantly music that MS is planing on focus on. As a consumer focused device, they should have allowed external storage and set the minimum spec to at least 32GB.

  2. I think 16GB should have been the minimum. Most companies will try and skimp on the storage like you said so better off putting the minimum at a higher number just to be sure.

  3. I’d imagine any WP7 would have at least 16 gb of memory and I’m quite sure there will be 32gb versions. Anything less than a 16gb would render the Zune hub almost useless since we have a virtually unlimited amount of music we can put on our new Zune phone.

  4. @Alex D: @GH23
    I think this is where the hardware manufacturers is going to shine by including more onboard memory. I think it was right for Microsoft to set a low par and let the hardware partners duke it out.

  5. I always see these comments of “needing” 32GB of storage. How many phones, out of Android, iPhone, Blackberry and older WM phones ever get 32GB? Sure, with expandable storage available for some of the devices its possible but its far, far, far from the norm.

    I agree that MS should have allowed expandable storage but I think that I’d be just fine with 8GB. I’ve had my current phone for a year and I’ve just about used up 2GB of my microSD card.

  6. One of the handicaps I would see in the new WP7 ould be lack of memory. They said initially only 8 gb onboard would be the norm but hey, I got a Zune pass and in my 80 gb Zune I cureently have 25 gb of media that I would love to port to my WP7 so that would make me go for the ability to expand the onboard memory to 32 gb. MS needs to pave any hole i=in their way to sucess and this a good hole to pave.

  7. No offense to anyone but whoever thinks 8GB is enough memory obviously hasn’t been watching the development of WP7. Microsoft once again as Dougie would say is trying to shoot themself in the foot. You guys forgot about the Xbox connectivity. Don’t know how it will work but it will eat memory. Not to mention the regular WP7 games. When your last to the party, you can’t come in with the least memory.

  8. While that I agree that 8GB is a lot of memory for a phone, that is not what you are buying. Look at the iDevices, no one is complaining about having too much storage, all you hear is that there needs to be more. When you can’t expand storage you need to plan for at least two years down the road. If MS wants to play in the “new” consumer space you need to bring some amazing offers and the hardware manufaturers skimping on the specs is going to hurt WP7 big time. Where are all the big screen media monsters we have been waiting for? Maybe they are still tightly under wrap Apple style, I sure hope so because I want this platform to succeed.

  9. I really don’t think that 8GB is going to be sufficient with the way MS has been pushing WP7. Count in apps, games, photos, videos when you’re just using the phone, then add in your personal media, plus e-mail, facebook, twitter (I can hope), and on top of this, add in a Zune Pass that lets you pull in music from the Marketplace. You’re going to be using a lot more storage than you think. 8GB is a very tight bare minimum. 16 would have been better and pushing for 32 would have been better yet. With everyone using microSD cards to provide that extra storage, it would have upped the price of the device by maybe $30-$40 and would have been well worth it, especially since we can’t swap out cards on our own.

    I’d also argue that anyone comparing WP7’s storage against current WM usage isn’t really doing a fair comparison. I don’t do as much on my WM device because it’s kind of a pain to get to the functionality I want and even starting up the camera takes way too long to be useful at times. The way the apps tend to flow into each other and the speed of the dev units implies that i’ll likely take more photos and videos and will be much more likely to use the device to play media files than my current WM device. I know I’m more likely to install games because there are some great titles coming for launch or near-launch.

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