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Nokia Sea Ray, not a prototype but the real thing

First, we were all teased by some leaked pics of a Nokia phone running WP7, which looked very similar to N9. We thought, it’s fake but then later we got to see a full length video of that "super confidential" device, Nokia Sea Ray, the first Nokia WP7 device shown off by Stephen Elop himself. Although the phone was shown fully functional in the video, what made everyone to still doubt the phone, whether it’s just a prototype or the real deal was that the phone was missing three of the five mandatory keys that every WP7 device should have: Back, Home and Search button.

NokiaSeaRayThe picture you see above is the first picture of Nokia Sea Ray where we can actually see those three mandatory front facing buttons. But hey, wait! Look at it again, you will realise the reason for not showing them in the video, they are different, they aren’t hard keys but soft keys projected on the screen.

We all know that Nokia can modify stuffs in the WP7 OS for its devices. But does that special right allows Nokia to add the mandatory buttons as soft keys? Or the Mango update itself includes support for them? Time will reveal everything. But for now we conclude that this phone is indeed Nokia Sea Ray, that is, not a prototype.

Nokia Sea Ray looks very similar to N9; N9 has a FWVGA screen (854×480), WP7 supports WVGA (800×480); the difference in the resolution is 54 pixels, those softkeys definitely could be 54 pixels high. And that all makes sense, right? Anyway, it’s likely that we will never see a completely button-less phone considering the fact that keys like volume rocker have now become “oh-so-necessary” keys.