cloudMicrosoft has released a preview of Windows Phone 7 + Cloud Services SDK which aims to bring cloud services to Windows Phones. One portion of this SDK permits phones to communicate directly to each other which gets past the problems with mobile phones not having a fixed IP address. But this is the beginning of a dev preview set to be released next month that’s more exciting. That SDK will have speech-to-text services so spoken words will be returned with text. There’s also a cloud based service that OCR in the cloud, so you can take a photo and it will return text (think Google Goggles). These are actually a pretty big deal. You can have communications between devices directly and OCR/text to speech and this will all be backed by MS’s cloud as a simple SDK. Presumably MS will do things like build the speech to text capabilities directly into email and text (think of it like Dragon). My preference is to do more lifting on the phone and not rely on the cloud so much but clearly the industry is moving against that. Regardless, these SDKs can provide a lot of tools and new app development for WP7. OK guys, good work on the preview – let’s start moving faster though. You’re a bit behind if you haven’t noticed so time to switch to high gear…

via ZDNet


  1. Don’t you just hate trying to fit things into our theme? The image, the title…

    Anyway, what’s this about Windows Phone somehow producing phones with real IP addresses that can accept incoming connections? You sure you got that right and don’t mean something like Orb where two devices connect to a server in the cloud which acts as a relay? If so, not bad, though I don’t understand how that wouldn’t involve major carrier involvement which carriers wouldn’t be in the mood to do.

    So cloud voice recognition like Google not like Apple anymore? It’s handy, I just press the mic and say “email mom sorry I missed your birthday” and presto. Cloud adds a lot of accuracy to that, lag nominal. And you’d definitely need it for half-decent OCR.

    Okay now you comment on my last article.

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