News and rumors are breaking fast and furious as Microsoft gets ready to announce the retail availability of their new mobile platform Windows Phone 7.  TMoNews breaks a potentially huge story that T-Mobile will be getting the same HD7 as Europe with one very big exception-DOUBLE THE MEMORY!  Yes you read right, 16GB instead of the 8GB Europe users will get to play with.

This has launched heated discussions on other sites about the lack of memory.  So I ask you, the reader, when did 8GB become way too small a memory minimum to succeed in today’s smartphone market?  I don’t get it since there are tons of people who are still carrying around feature phones and smartphones with 1 and 2 GB cards in them.  Heck I’m rocking an 8GB SD card and refuse to load it to the brim.  Nothing good ever comes out of stuffing storage space.  Years of computer maintenance training and user experience has taught me that.  Anyway let me know why and when it became so lame to have “only” 8GB of memory in the comments below.

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  1. If We are talking SD card, who cares. But with I-Phone mentality, maybe some think it refers to internal memory.Not everyone is totally informed.I apreciate that they are giving us larger and larger memory cards, but isn’t it taking away from the aftermarket? And maybe confusing some buyers? Peace

  2. The SD card is internal and not supposed to be swappable. The system reads the pre-installed card as part of the internal memory. Supposedly, the type of SD cards that are going into Windows Phone 7 are of the high speed variety.

    The aftermarket isn’t really a consideration when you think about millions of cards being ordered to put into every Windows Phone 7 that gets sold.

  3. I am not that wrapped up in the memory, 8gb or 16gb, it’s all good. Now, what pisses me off is how T-Mobile is getting the sweetest WP7 device going to be released and AT&T is going to have CRAP!!!!! T-Mobiles coverage is just horrible, worse if that was even possible than AT&T where I live. DAMNIT!!!! Cmon AT&T!!!!

  4. Only using 5GB of the 8GB card on my Tilt2, which is fine for my current needs. But I like knowing that if my needs changed, like if I was suddenly shooting/storing lots of video, I can order a 16GB (or 32GB) card today and have a solution by tomorrow,. I understand why a processor can’t be changed out, but memory and battery should be swapable and upgradable, as they have been on laptops since day one. I don’t want to have to wipe my device and send it somewhere for a week because of a faulty memory card or battery. I would rather do it myself. Even under warranty, these service center repairs drive up the cost of phone hardware for everyone. Nothing is free.

    If Microsoft really wants to dumb down the WP7 Smartphone, so even Grandma can pick it up and use it out of the box, then spec a model for all the iPhone converts with fixed everything and offer the really exciting hardware to those of us who can truly appreciate it.

  5. Here is something you guys are forgeting. Not as much memory is needed with these phone as Microsoft is betting very highly on the cloud. Pictures and videos will be uploaded to you WP7 site and you will have access to much by streaming Zune Pass or the 3 other seervice they announced this week. 8GB is fine with this strategy.

  6. @jimski: i definitely agree with you there on that. I know previously I gave other views, but I also agree that given the potential of WP7, I too would like to know the space is available to handle it all, because who knows how much I’ll need.

    @Dwanye: The Zune Pass is really just to the US, in UK and AUS, we won’t be getting Zune Pass so we don’t have that luxary. Also, unlike the US, in AUS we get very little data to our mobiles. We pay for what we want and the costs are quite high. So it isn’t all that fesible to rely on cloud all the time, especially with things like media where we may have already purchased songs/videos and want instant access, and not have to rely on cloud support.

    All in all, I hope the HD7 16GB makes it way to AUS instead of the 8GB, but AUS always gets delayed with technology and tends to get the raw end of all deals…

  7. @Doug Smith:

    You hit the nail on the head right there. If it wasn’t for already having U-verse, I might bail.

  8. I did not know the SD card could not be changed.That blows chunks! I switched to android, The Dell Streak, in august.Too much bad press for WP7.Looks like I knew what I was doing after all.I had an 8G card,used just over half. The Streak came with a 16G card.Now I am loading full CDs along with my usual list of singles.Still have not used a full 8G worth.But I dont want to rely on the cloud either.The Kin…Well you know…Who are these people sitting at the top? They just dont have a clue.What I want, Outweighs what “They” think I need. Peace

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