I have used WP since the beginning. Using a 1020 now in fact. Been there since day one, but…I just heard the headlines today from Apple. Let’s call it what as it is: They are three years ahead of Microsoft and nothing on the table appears to close that gap.
iOS is already in cars. It’s now used for home automation. Microsoft had theoretical ways to do this and old videos about this but no product to buy. New iPhones and watches are on the short horizon. Nothing is coming from Microsoft except old leaked patents. I love the flow keyboard. Looks like Apple does too. Love the camera on my Lumia but iPhones take five photos before I can take one. Both have Office… Heck they may have a better version. I’m trying to find where WP really shines and it’s tough. Yes I like the interface a lot. The ability to reply to an email with a PDF trumps it by a million. I can’t pick looks over functionality. The app gap is still enormous. Not the big apps… The every day apps are not developed for WP. Third party accessories are miles apart. Skype on WP is still a joke (don’t try to change a phone call to a Skype call which theoretically works but practically fails) and facetime still trumps it unfortunately. And iOS interacts with OSX yet WP and W8 don’t share things like notifications. This should have happened years ago.
Someone talk me back to WP. The speed of Microsoft is really tasking me. If you mention Xbox games you’re just lying to yourself.


  1. Well Microsoft has been in cars for years although most people don’t realize it. Most high end head units use Windows but just don’t advertise it. The new version will bring supposedly bring it to the forefront. Ford had been using their system for years. Notifications are across platforms depending on your email provide. No I can’t make a cell call from my Surface but yo me that is a gimmick. I agree about office being behind. Smart watches? I don’t believe any camp until it exists to buy. Only Samsung had kinda done that but Pebble is supposed to support WP soon and they is the most mature and stylish out there. App, no argument there buy nothing has been a breaker. Microsoft already has deeper health information with Health Vault. I’ve used Facetime and it’s less functional than Skype although a touch more stable. Onedrive integration is far better and more complete for WP and Windows. Games are iOS aren’t any better for me, just more numerous. Camera speed is definitely slower but my pictures have always killed ones from an iPhone 5s with my 1020. I enjoy my Apple devices too but having both sides, the grass isn’t any greener on the other side. I can say that from owning all platforms for years together.

    • You basically described Microsofts problem. The huge majority of features apple displayed are already in win8/wp8 and wp8 and win8 have so many hidden brilliant features that the majority of users have only scratched the surface. Yet Microsoft refuses to translate these complex features to how a user would use these specific features. This is the ONLY skill apple has and the only reason they sell minor amounts on a global scale and huge amounts in the USA. Most negative points people mention about WP8 are either not true or replaced by a different feature that, yet again, Microsoft refuses to explain this. It is sad and a reason for these jealous ‘articles’ that we are all replying under. You do not have to be jealous at apple; its users pay a huge premium, lack many features that you have grown accustomed to, yet do not realize and they have other severe limits, among those are compatibility issues. Do not forget that OneDrive and its integration in win8 and wp8 is ten years ahead of apple and even bypassing google now. Apple just has a skill for pretending they invented things that they copied.

      • Your right that Microsoft makes some great stuff but never really sells it or explains it. Apple does a much better job of marketing and showing off what they do. I know a lot of Apple users who love their phone because they know it can do something cool because they saw it even though they have no clue how to use it. I know so many people who don’t have a clue about icloud backup but just know Apple “can” back them up so they are happy.

    • Sorry about the horrible grammar in my post. I was waiting in a lobby typing on my phone and doing a poor job of proofreading but hopefully you get the idea. I should have waited for when I was less distracted.

  2. WP8 on the Lumia 1520 does everything I want it to, most of the grievances from others are “camp specific” google not on IOS & vice versa. Most one off apps have a mobile site equivalent .. which works on WP8. Bluetooth works in my car, alarm clock, speakerphone, headset. GPS drive app works, mounted phone to my cars vent grill. MS announced a major home automation/security vendor. My WP8, Win 8 writing tablet, and Win 8 RT media tablet all work together. No complaints here :)

  3. And don’t forget that MS really isn’t that far away from getting the RT/WP app compatibility going. That has a lot of potential if they can get it off the ground. I also agree about the camera – the Lumia 1020 is excellent. I won’t argue that iOS and Android have the broader range of apps and iOS has taken huge advantage of their market share to do some pretty incredible things on the tablet side, but I’m not ruling MS out. They were handicapped by the old monopoly lawsuit for some time and are now coming out of that in a pretty strong way. They definitely lost their way with WM 6.x (and 7.x if the presentations are to be believed), but have shown what a Windows tablet should be with the Surface and have encouraged some decent hardware with their phones, if we leave out the whole “don’t put microsd capability in high-end phones” mindset. :) They went a little middle of the road for hardware between Android and Apple and similar for their appstore.

    I think it’s getting better and someone else posted that WP 8.1 and iOS are still somewhat similar in terms of features. They’re not the same and each has their users, but I see it getting better, not worse.

    As for smart watches – seriously? I don’t really see the point in the first place and still haven’t seen anything great in that camp.

    Oh, and don’t forget x-box games. ;-)

  4. If you seriously think IOS is three years ahead of MSFT then you need to go get an iPhone, plain and simple. IOS is a very nice, user friendly OS but I’ll take WP 8.1 over it any day (and don’t even bring up Android). Regarding taking five pictures before one, seriously? Who cares? Maybe 1% of the users?

    I think before you make such bold statements you should use your 1020 (with 8.1 on it) next to the iPhone, then come back and post an honest opinion (which is all it really is), unless of course you never really have tried WP and are simply another hater.

    • So you know, I’m this guy: http://mobilitydigest.com/windows-phone-7-tethers-you-can-do-it-now-heres-how/
      I’ve been here getting the community since the start (well actually since WM days but having WP is a different game obviously). I’m using 8.1 and I have owned a Focus, Titan, 900 and now a 1020. I have a Surface RT even, and have had every preview of WP and W8. I’m not leaving yet but I’m afraid party of the reason is that I’m too head strong. On iOS you can start ab email on one device and it hands it of to the other (so start on phone and finish in Mac). I can get text notifications on a Mac. There’s no excuse for Microsoft for not bringing this already. You use OneDrive? I do… It’s not that good. Try to use it as a back up and you get debuted because you can’t do folders into it. Why can’t I seamlessly email a large attachment without sending a link to OneDrive? MS in the car? Yeah they also are in tv boxes. With that said, I can’t use any other MS devices to get any great use out of it and there’s no unified OS… Just talk of one. Oh and for me I is a fail. If I use Drive I need to change my car to BT input which turns off my radio. If I turn off BT well there goes getting a call. Anyway try to use Cortana to send an email while driving…I’ve tried and it always fails.
      Don’t hate on me. Tell me the features (aside from the UI) that are unique and sell the platform.

  5. If we don’t start accepting MS and WP 8 is behind iOS we will never get to lead the OS/Hardware war. I’m coming from iPhone and using WP since the beginning. MS must hurry not to catch up but to lead. WP 8.1 is getting there, hardware we’re way behind.

    • How can you come from iPhone and been using Windows live from the beginning? There was windows phone before iPhone.
      I’m confused

      • I’ve never owned an iPhone. Always been on WM and WP. That doesn’t change reality…i fear I’m on the wrong team lately. I won’t move to an iPhone any time soon. But I recognize what’s happening and that’s Microsoft failing to close the gap.

    • I’m going to have to disagree with you on being behind on hardware. I own Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Nokia products. Talk about being behind is how the iPhone still doesn’t have OIS or a Xenon flash for proper flesh tones or stopping motion. They do excel in some areas but lag in others and it about evens out in the end.

  6. Have you not heard about windows phone 8.1 .My brother’s iPhone’s(5s) Siri felt guilty to my cortana. ios is nice but iPhone is a junk. Low resolution,small size,no nfc,no wireless charging, non functioning Bluetooth , unchangeable icons, no file manager, no offline map, no sd card,huge price for quality apps, nobody uses MacBook out here. Integration with Windows is good but not at all user friendly with iTunes. Rethink about w8 and wp8 may be you don’t even know many features. Sorry if I hurt you,Its just an opinion of mine, may be somebody thinks different.Don’t give a word you are not sure. Both os got their on strong points.don’t forget wp oversized ios in many countries.

  7. Yeah still not impressed with apple. Android is everything old school windows was and more. I don’t understand the hate but I am commenting on a Windows friendly blog. Tasker is the primary reason I will not even consider another OS. But I did just ditch my iPad mini for a dell Venue Pro 11. So far I am loving it. Battery life is pretty decent and touch response is as good if not better than the mini.

    • You should try the Dell Active Stylus with an app called Scrble. Really great for note taking. The first batch of styluses were garbage but the new ones are great.

      • Sweet thanks, I should get the stylus in the mail tomorrow. I’ll check it out the Scrble app. I’ve been converting my iOS notes into OneNote. Can I draw on PDFs in Scrble? One note doesn’t import non standard size PDFs well.

      • Scrble is really for note taking and you can export to PDF or jpeg. The screen wraps. It’s great.
        To write on a PDF i use Touchpdf…i think that’s what it’s called. It’s free and mostly works but it tries to correct pen lines and actually would work better if it didn’t. I should check settings and see if there’s a special pen mode. Some apps have that and it changes their behavior.

  8. What a ridiculous summary. iOS takes 5 photos in the time it takes WP to take 1? Really? So this Lumia I have doesn’t shoot in burst mode, at higher res, with better stabilization, crisper colors and easier Nokia editing apps? Yeah, right. Don’t forget my device has better Onedrive integration and a Xenon flash, and that WP runs on a greater selection of devices, most of which are significantly sturdier devices than the iPhone.

    • By the time the 1020 camera app opens it’s three seconds. Yes there’s burst mode but one photo at a time is a second to save per photo and in burst you have five seconds at the end when it tries to save the burst. iOS is a lot quicker.

  9. Man ,, I can safely say this ms is finds finish this joke of a phone very soon with they being their own enemies. Don’t get me wrong I have been using WP from the day Nokia released 900 n likes .. So what changed for me — I don’t mind that MS took time to deliver (7.8 – 8) . , but I am shocked that they could take the main sell pointed out the OS and it’s crown jewels away in the latest version (8.1) , no more fb chat integration in the SMS thread , no more ME tile, photo roll n music hub destroyed ….. This is a higher let down … Android is deciding to put the fb chat feature in the SMS thread now , while WP left out …. Honestly MS , in order to win Android fans over , they are screwing with the loyal members who stick with them …..

  10. So David, what you should be saying, “by the time I take one 38MP picture with my 1020, the iPhone has taken,…….wait for it……..NONE!

    If you want “all” your photos to be very high res, that’s the price you have to pay. For really good looking lower res shots, I haven’t been outdrawn in a couple years.

  11. Come on guys!! I have had most of the iPhones, android galaxies, blackberries etc. I am not a hater of any os they all have their place and supporters but having tried them all my feelings are as follows….

    Ios = great os nothing outstanding, nice industrial design, I hate the new look.

    Android = hours spent nodding great fun and good google integration but I don’t know, something lacking.. I know! Panache

    Blackberry = really nice os massively underrated but not ready to be called a medina phone.

    Wm8.1 = I live the aesthetics, keyboard and stability not to mention the cameras on my 1020, it I’d leaving features and the camera is slow. Just need better app support and that’s about it.

    When it comes down to it they are all great, I find now that battery life is the biggest consideration my nexus 4 although beautiful had terrible battery life, something such the others particularly bb have sorted. It’s horses for courses

  12. First is Microsoft had “Windows embedded automotive (Ford Sync, Kia Ovo) since 1998. Microsoft partnered with Insteon who has specialized in home Automation for years now. The real is Apple hasn’t launched HomeKit. Third party companies have to support. Also it doesn’t support Nest the biggest in the industry. Microsoft has three phones that have been announced releasing and the smart watch has been worked on by them longer than anyone. Last time publically talked about in 2010. Apple has not said the iWatch is official yet. Microsoft has mad it official that they will support all platforms and software with their wearable tech and numerous leaks confirm its coming soon. The windows phone keyboard set the world record Apple is just copying the current tech. Topical Apple move copy then pretend they are the first to do it. As for camera’s Nokia allowed the phone to do burst shot two years ago and Microsoft has Blink which takes 12 pics and allows you to create a GIF. The debate about OFFICE is understandable. App gap I agree with it the side sticker that never seems to go away. The accessories are what they are do to apple never releases a different size phone or device but once a decade. But if you search on Amazon you will find that there are alot more accessories for Windows phone then you ever imagined. Skype is way better than Facetime and Facetime is only supported by apple products. SKYPE is supported by ever major and most miner products in electronic history. The feature you are talking about with switching the call into a Skype video call is a WP8.1 beta feature. So problems will exist. Between Onedrive once know as (SkyDrive) and Window 8 or 8.1. There is more app syncing and sharing the Apple could dream of. Man do you actually work in this industry or do you just wake up and hope features land in your face. The major credit I will give Apple is that the media blasts everything they say or do all over the world. Microsoft doesn’t have that free press on the side. That’s where Microsoft has to step in with there Billion dollar bank account and start playing hardball.

  13. iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite are powerhouse OS releases. To say anything else would be in stark denial to the facts. Watch the Keynote from Monday on Apple.com and honestly tell me you’re not impressed. They showed off so many new features and abilities that it seemed like they couldn’t have possibly done any more than they did and they only scratched the surface of what these new versions can do. Sitting here on my MacBook Air running Yosemite and using my iPhone 5S running iOS 8, I can tell you that David is absolutely correct. Apple is YEARS ahead. No one else is close to releasing a mobile 64bit architecture, and Apple is getting ready to release their 2nd generation chipsets. No one else has the mobile-desktop integration that iOS 8 and 10.10 have – they’re miles ahead in that respect, and no one else has the ability to pull all this off right now. Apple has virtually unlimited funds and they’re using that to their advantage and developing the best Desktop and Mobile OS you can get. Do other phones have better cameras? Sure. Do some have removable storage or file browsers? Yep – but you don’t need that on an iPhone… those arguments are long outdated. Do some devices allow you to customize your home screen with a million application ‘widgets’ or let your smartphone be home to hundreds of malware or virus applications? Sure do. And there are even some phones that have live tiles that sometimes refresh.

    But none of them work as well as the iPhone and that’s why I’ve been using it since the iPhone 4 released in June of 2010. I’ve had DOZENS of phones before the iPhone 4, but since then, I’ve had every iteration of the iPhone (4, 4s, 5, & 5S) and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not a universal solution, that’s why competition is a thing. But I can’t recommend anything else to anyone. Accessories, Apps, overall functionality – all wins for Apple IMO.

    David, suck it up and get an iPhone 6 this fall.


  14. People should stop living in the moment, or even worse living blog-to-blog. I don’t have app/OS envy so i really don’t understand where this line of thinking comes from.
    Whenever apple or google has a press conference next thing for sure is all the WP community is in tears claiming MS is behind, or they need to get their shit together because so ‘n so has this now.
    I agree that MS needs to move fast with what they have out now, but they don’t need to play catch up with anybody. Because in all the crying and complaining I still don’t see any of the others competing with XBox or Office.
    Now MS needs to release a smart watch, but nobody gave a shit back when the MSN SPOT watch was on the market. Matter of fact they finally shut it down around the time Samsung was putting theirs out.

  15. With time my friends. For a long time Microsoft was not a company of one. Now, they are starting to roll under the same thunder. Its a change for them, its going to be a great change for us. Faith in the leadership is all you need. I have been thoroughly impressed with the speed and deliverance of not only the updates in the new windows phone 8.1 beta, but also windows 8.1, and xbox one, and office…. they are getting it… they are acting on it. In time my friends.

  16. You knkow, I’m okay for trying out different platforms. Go for it. See if it’s all that and a bag of chips. Then you’ll KNOW where your preference lies.

    Asside of whatever reason I have for disliking Apple (and there’s a lot of them), the biggest one, that I CANNOT get over is simple: PRICE.

    • Price is the number one barrier that I had with Apple before switching, and I’ve come to realize that the prices are high because of what you end up with. I’ve used my laptops (2011 and 2013 MacBook Airs) in dozens of countries around the world, in almost every state in the country, and for endless hours on planes, and I’ve never ONCE had either of them crash. I’ve never had a hardware failure. I’ve never thought ‘gee, this would be so much better if only this computer were new so I wouldn’t have to worry about the speed of X, Y or Z’. The 2011 MacBook air is slower than the 2013. True story. And the battery on the 2013 lasts 12-15 hours, when the 2011 only gets 7. Also true story. But the usage I’ve gotten from these two computers is 10-20x that of what I got from my previous windows laptops before they became glorified doorstops. And they weren’t cheap devices either. A Sony Vaio and an HP Envy. Each well over $1k.
      $ for $, I’ll never buy anything else. OS X is absolutely fantastic to use on a laptop, and the hardware is the benchmark in the market.

  17. Gee Chris, you really need to talk to someone about your Microsoft anger management issues. Did Balmer jump ahead of you for Priority boarding one day? Maybe you need to let loose on those you support every day, and tell them to STOP CLICKING EVERY LINK ON EVERY CHAIN EMAIL THEY GET.

    Can a billion users really be that misinformed?

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