Samsung is a cocky runaway train. I dislike Samsung.

So, they debut their Galaxy S4, the reviews praise the specs and the fancy tricks but note that this “toy,”ram sucks (49) in spite of weighing 16% more than the iPhone 5, “feels as if it can be snapped in half, even more so than the GS3. You better not let this smartphone fall out of your hand or else you will be in trouble” and that it’s only a great phone on-paper – unlike the Nokia Lumias and HTCs, as BGR wrote, echoed by plenty others.

Echoed by others including HTC, notably, whose CEO stated, “It looks a lot like the Galaxy S3. We were pleased to see no innovation in the design itself.” Me too, now that I am very happily armed with my LG Nexus 4.

Ramon wrote about HTC’s trash talking on Thursday, let me follow up Ramon, as they haven’t stopped, tearing up Twitter with blazing tweets and retweets, rallying fans, throwing down, gloves off, against Samsung, railing and railing on them, good stuff:

I am glad Google tapped LG to do the latest Nexus (I was hoping for HTC, but this LG Nexus is superb). The last two Samsungs sucked, coming down from the HTC Nexus One, which I’m glad I held onto whenever I or my wife had a broken Samsung.

You know how many of you go on and on about your Lumias, the craftsmanship, well that’s exactly how I feel about HTC (especially relative to Samsung). I’m actually rooting for Samsung’s Tizen’s initial success as I would love for Samsung to get off my Android lawn and take their stupid skin with them.

Hey Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Asus, ZTE, Huawei, why don’t you fire up your twitter accounts and get in the ring, tag teaming with HTC and Apple? A coalition of tweet flame? Samsung forgot (or never learned to begin with) that it takes more than eight cores and finger eyeball sensors to win over every consumer in the world, they’re finally bleeding a bit right now, so go have some dinner together.

Doug Simmons


  1. Since Nokia uses so many different Twitter accounts its hard to track down the specific tweet I have in my head but they responded too. Apple has launched a defensive campaign while BlackBerry has been completely silent.

    I will say I wasn’t impressed with the “220 minutes of craftsmanship” tweet HTC tweeted. Especially considering they are having to push back launch dates. This isn’t a luxury item where profit margin overcomes a relative small number of sales.

    I do really like HTC’s assertive posture. Take he fight to the enemy and be relentless.

  2. This flimsiness/cheapness issue isn’t a new complaint about Samsung phones. Guess they figured it just wasn’t worth prioritizing. Can’t completely fault them for that as it seems to be working for them, but I’d like to see their competitors use it to their advantage. Good stuff, competition, good stuff for everyone.

  3. Wonder what would happen if I tried hosting MD for a little bit off my old HTC Nexus. Just for a little bit. That would be interesting, I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. I think it’s doable. Not the smartest way to allocate my time I suppose but I try not to let that sort of reasoning get in the way of bad decisions I make.

  4. I did a Google search for “mobile phone satisfaction survey”
    Apple, followed by HTC followed by Samsung.
    Can’t say I agree, I am leaning towards Samsung to replace my 32 month old Dell Streak 5. Still near perfect condition.
    Looking for SD card, wireless charging. NFC. 5″+ screen.
    The SNote 2 would be my first choice, but at a very reduced price. SNote 3 at 6.3″ might be too large to ride my hip at work for 8 hours. Today I choose SG4.
    Tired of long and thin though.
    The LG Optimus Vu2, with the square screen is what I really want, but no US/ATT announcement yet. And I am afraid of LG build quality and support.
    Sony Z with a glass back! Really? Glass? No wireless charging?
    HTC has not been a choice for me since the HD2 didn’t come to ATT. But I finally got a T-Mobile HD2 to try out. The glass is broken, the plastic button frame is broken, and the metal battery door has dents and it looks like the finish is peeling off. But it still works enough to play with on WiFi. Kind of dissapointing considering he only used it for a few months. Is that typical? Keeping in mind my Tilt only worked for a year before the touch screen quit. Good thing it had a lot of buttons.

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