Just two weeks ago Microsoft announced new app publishing limitations.

Effective Friday 9/30 we are limiting the number of apps that can be published in a single day without prior agreement to 10. This means that no more than 10 apps by the same developer will be certified per day (down from 20). In addition we will monitor the number of apps published – not just certified – in a given day and be more proactive in correcting instances where the 10 app limit is exceeded. This may include the unpublishing of apps, and in extreme cases, temporary or permanent suspension of an offending developer’s Marketplace credentials.

Today Scrollmotion unleash a fury on the Marketplace. Pages of new apps. They are all books and I don’t think this is spam by any means (as they are real titles) but the end result is that it’s now impossible to find any other new apps so the effect is bad for other developers. Hopefully this gets under control sooner rather than later…


  1. I think these all are legitimate apps and even he has different price for each application. This developer doesn’t have any other option. Developer cannot create a single application from where we can search and download the corresponding books. Because right now the marketplace doesn’t support InApp purchasing and without that how can the developer charge different price for different books?

  2. @Murali: My singular problem isn’t with the apps. It’s with the bulk publishing of them. Like 100 today. That’s my issue. I don’t care if it’s Angry Birds – you can’t do 100 new apps in one day by a single publisher because then it hides every other new app…

  3. That’s why we need a blocking developer option in the marketplace. If a developer is publishing apps we aren’t interested, we can just simply simply lock them .. Please MSFT add that option!!!!

  4. The easiest answer is to move the “books + reference” category from inside “apps” and place it on the root menu. Hence “Vendor Apps”, “apps”, “games”, “books + reference”, music, podcasts

    Books are definitely a worthwhile category, but the sheer volume of titles (by one or multiple devs), mixed in with other apps, does obscure other categories.

    Plus, I see books more as content than an app. Just as the “podcasts” category is serperate from aps, so should books.

    Just my 2% of $1

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