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Anyone here like Reddit? I do, so I use Baconit!

For those of you that don’t know what Reddit is, please acquaint yourself with the front page of the internet before we can continue.  If you managed to make it back after checking out that link, then I’m impressed.  Reddit is basically a place anyone can post links or media to a web page.  You can view these links and either vote up or down on them.  Links rise or fall on the web page based on these votes.  The exact same thing occurs with comments on these links or media.  Just about everything funny or interesting on the internet starts out by getting popular on Reddit.  So I’ve been looking for a way to get my fix on the go.  I’ve been using one of the first Reddit apps that came out on Windows Phone, called Alien News.  The app was great at first and I even paid for it to remove the ads and possibly support development.  Sadly, not a single shit was given and my Reddit app was lost and left behind in lack of mango functionality.  So it eventually sent me on the search for greener pastures.  Enter Baconit.

Where Alien News was bland and just text based, Baconit takes it that one step further to make it truly embody the design values of Metro.  It brings lots of functionality into a small window and allows you quick access to many of the most used features on Reddit, like upvoting and downvoting, that wasn’t present in Alien News.  It also offers the slickness of minor animations to let you know things have been activated, which is better than the barely perceptible click animation that is in most applications.  Coupled with this slick beautiful sexiness is loads of functionality that would make a snap-on convention look useless.  The cooked in mango-ness also allows you to share articles and other stories with friends through sms, email, social networks, or whatever your flavor of electronic communication may be without having to reload the damn app every time.  Talking about how awesome this app is feels like I’m taking away from the content and awesome that Reddit can bring to your life.  Go out there and become a good Redditor.  It will definitely enhance your life in every way possible, or your money back.  By the way, it’s free.