All this talk about Instagram has made me reevaluate how I support WP8 app developers. I look at it like this, would you appreciate someone you prioritize dismiss you because you’re not the cool kid? Fhotoroom has been a capable and constantly improving photo app that provides both filter and social aspects with several million users and it us growing. Fhotoroom even has a desktop app that should be checked out. Im not saying Windows Phone doesn’t need Instagram after all the more great options the better. I will invoke the Adam Sandler question from Happy Gilmore. “Are you too good for your home?”


    • Marti its really good. They have just submitted several great updates in the last couple weeks both for Windows Phone 7.x and WP8.

      I wish Microsoft would promote Fhotoroom as much as they do apps like Rowi. They support both W8 & WP8.

  1. its a great app indeed…i been using it since launch. however, still useless in the face of community! i need instagram!

  2. I use it for the camera tweaks. I gotta admit though I don’t like a lot of over lap on my device. I don’t really like to have several different apps that all do the same things.

    But Fotoroom has a camera timer so I was sold.

    And this time I’m intentionally ignoring the “I” word. ;-)

  3. I couldn’t agree anymore if I possibly tried! While I understand the importance of Instagram for our OS, it’s not for me personally. I love Fhotoroom and am ever so grateful that they’ve continued to be such a strong force for all WinPhan! I’m of the mind as well, that it is of utmost importance that us WinPhan show the same support to the incredible and truly dedicated WinPhanDevs who have allowed us all to have such beautiful apps to choose from! Great article!!! :D

  4. Okay, got it. Tweeted a few pics for testing. If you have my twitter handle, it’s the same.

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