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Windows Phones Have The Highest Click Through Rates–Android Is Lowest

So you create one of those new fangled ‘free’ apps that relies on advertising and you sit back and wait for the money to pour in. And despite releasing an app for Android, the current king of phones, the ad revenue doesn’t roll in. Why? Turns out not only are Android users stingy at paying for apps, they don’t even click through ads on free apps. Contradict to that, Windows Phones which have a 2.5x greater click through rate.

According to Smaato “Windows Phone 7 and Nokia’s Symbian OS rank as the top performing OS in mobile advertising.” In fact, if you segregate the US click through, Windows Pones remain in the top spot. Now of course, there are a lot more Android handsets so the numbers on a verge would still skew that way, but it is an interesting finding. 

Gigaom asked Smaato why Windows phone came out on top and here was the response:

Even though Windows Phone devices  from Microsoft are not that successful yet in terms of market penetration it is possible, that the novelty factor of new Windows Phone devices is contributing significantly to the higher mobile advertising performance measured in Click-Through rates.

Microsoft’s own SDK is not delivering ads outside the USA yet, and it might be possible that overall there are less mobile ads presented in Windows Phone devices – therefore more attention is given to the ads in apps or mobile websites.

The metrics are looking at click behavior of anonymized smartphone OS owners that are averaged out over a large number of worldwide mobile inventory and therefore give an indication on what advertisers could expect from campaigns targeted to different smartphone OS.

For my two cents, I appreciate the developers that provide free apps so I go out of my way to click if there’s anything interesting. Support the dev and the platform I figure and it’s just a few seconds of my time to possible see some new fangled product.

it’s also interesting that the average fill rate is a mere20% but specialized ads have higher fill rates and returns so that’s something for developers to consider.  And of coruse they suggest you use their services to get the best return (which may be accurate – I really have no idea):

The process of monetizing mobile advertising is increasingly more fragmented and high fill rates are harder to achieve with only one single ad network. As such, app developers and publishers of mobile websites that seek to monetize their mobile inventory need to enlist multiple ad networks in order to achieve higher fill rates.

Given Smaato’s latest metrics, in order to reach a possible 100% fill rate one would need about five ad network requests simultaneously. This is where ad optimizers such as Smaato come in to aggregate multiple ad networks to maximize the revenue stream through mobile advertising.

Anyway, it’s definitely something for devs to think about.