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AT&T’s stock of Lumia 920 extremely limited–charging plate included

imageWe reported yesterday that the stock of the Lumia 920 showing on AT&T’s website was extremely limited. Having just spent some time in a midtown NYC AT&T store I can tell you how limited it is. They have 3 black Lumia 920’s. One is the demo phone that was still charging. One was sold immediately and the third was held for me. I’m waiting for the cyan so my phone went to the next guy in line. And yes, there were multiple people coming in inquiring about the 920’s availability while I was there and the other guy literally took the phone and held it until I left. Online may be the way to go until stores supplies get hire. This feels like a soft launch to me. No marketing yet and no general availability.

Also, the wireless charging plate is definitely included. I took a picture to prove it.