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BlackBerry PlayBook Goes on Clearance

Here’s a deal for you, sort of. Personally I wouldn’t want one but I know we have BlackBerry fans out there. You can get the 16gb, 32gb or even the 64gb for $299.00. Yeah that’s any of them for the same price. Why you would want to but the 16gb for $299 when you can get the 64gb for $299 is beyond me though?!?!  You would think they would have different prices on them, but then again it is BlackBerry and I’ve never really understood them at all…


ON SALE: $299 (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
SAVE: $400 (64GB), $300 (32GB), $200 (16GB)
SALE ENDS:  2/4/2012
BlackBerry PlayBook – the world’s first professional grade tablet
Discover a truly uncompromised tablet experience with the BlackBerry PlayBook. At less than half an inch thick, with a 1GHz dual core processor, it’s both ultra-portable and ultra-powerful, so you get high performance at every turn: stunning multimedia, true multitasking, and access to the whole Internet – no exceptions.