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Buyer Beware…Of Stuck Pixels

When the Touch HD came out there were reports of ‘stuck’ pixels – ones that just give out one color, sometimes just black, and don’t change color like they’re supposed to. Many people stated that with such a high resolution screen there were bound to be some stuck pixels. But HTC decided to ship these devices and some people reported that they were not able to return them (it was carrier dependant) unless thresholds were met (at least 3 stuck pixels if I recall). Well, the Touch Pro 2 has that same high resolution WVGA screen and guess what comes with that? Reports of stuck pixels. There’s a poll going on at PPCGeeks to try to determine the percentage of phones with at least one stuck pixel. While there’s not a ton of results at this point, the results are still almost 25% of TP2s with a stuck pixel.

If you have a Touch Pro 2 and want to detect a stuck pixel easier (remember, a single pixel is dang small) you can try running this app which just flashes a full screen colors to make it easier to detect pixels that don’t change. For those of you who just bought or are about to buy a TP2 make sure you take a good look at it when you get it home and if you see a stuck pixel that just won’t budge I’d bring it straight back without delay until you get what you paid for – a 800 * 480 screen with 384,000 pixels…not 383,999;)