Dell recently delayed shipment of the Venue Pro, to the dismay of many including myself.  Apparently Dell has heard our cries of disapproval and decided to lessen the pain by offering free Overnight Shipping upgrades and a Plantronics Explorer 240 as a thank you for your continued patience.  This offer only applies to those who ordered on or before December 14th.

I personally don’t find this very comforting, seeing as Dell already offered free 2-day delivery and the headset is valued at only $29.99.  But it’s a nice sentiment, and not something Dell really needed to do.  Thanks Dell.  While I’m nowhere near being a happy camper, I think I can safely say I am no longer infuriated.  With all these delays, Dell still has to come through with a flawless device without any additional delays or a lot of people will throw in the towel, me included.

Source: Direct2Dell


  1. Come on Danny, cut them a break. It’s the Christmas season after all and they are trying to do something nice. But if you don’t have a shiny new VenuePro in your hand come January 6th, time to break out the big guns.

  2. Hey I said I appreciate the sentiment. But this isn’t the 1st delay. If it was all would be forgiven. But at this point I don’t think 1 less day of shipping makes up for the extra 3 week delay

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