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Enter uZard Web Into the Mobile Browser Wars!

If you are a fan of Skyfire then here is a new browser for you to try out! It’s called uZard Web Version and it is a proxy based browser just like Skyfire and also does flash pretty well I must say! I found the user interface very easy to use and uZard did it’s job pretty well. My only complaint so far after a few minutes of playing with it is that it does not zoom in as well as Skyfire. As a matter of fact it uses a Pocket Internet Explorer version (on the left hand side however) zoom in/out scroll bar. The other thing I was hoping for is resolution better than VGA, but maybe down the road? I got a mini review photo gallery after the break, ahem David K. 🙂 So jump after the break and check it out!

Here is the website link to download. CLICK HERE

[via: WMPU]

As you can see for the photo below, uZard does flash!

Here are the control functions located at the top on the left hand side of the address bar:

The Controls across the bottom of the page listed below are Home Screen, Favorites, Zoom, New Window Button, Forward & Back, and a return button.

Text entry is done in a new window which is handy for passwords so it shows the text and not symbols that are anyone’s guess if you fat fingered it or not.

YouTube played pretty well at my house over a WiFi:



All in all I thought it was a pretty good browser, but still not at the level Skyfire is. Skyfire has smoother scrolling and a much better UI. I did think pages render a little better on my HD2 with uZard than Skyfire, but Skyfire loads them quicker for me. Also ran into a few hiccups like the one below, but again, not bad.