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Featured App: Asteroidwars

mainI don’t play too many games on my phone for many reasons, but this one here has its special place on my daily train ride to work. It’s a simple space shooter that’s good for loads of fun. I hate to admit it, but I missed my train stop once or twice because I was so hooked. You can find the official details below, give this one a try!


App Details



Client Type:
WinMobile 7.0

Package Size:
8.826 MB

Install Size:
17.091 MB



High pace spaceshooter AsteroidWars is a classical style space shooter.
A high pace game where your objectives are simple:
Take down as many enemies as possible before they take you,
dodge or blow up asteroids that cross your path.
Just keep in mind, be aware of the gun temperature.


-Gun temperature indicator.
-Control ship with accelerometer
-Compete with the rest of us through Global high scores